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August 20, 2016

Rattan Furniture – unusual decoration pieces to hotel and hospitality

Many homeowners choose different reasons based on the furniture. Some basic decisions on price, while others want a unique and exclusive. If the main concern is durability, price, and unique, perhaps you should consider buying rattan furniture. This type of rattan furniture, often ignore many homeowners. In addition to durable, it can appear in many different forms. To the families of these unusual pieces.

Spiral wall decoration.

This is a furniture, purely for decorative purposes only. But the pattern is unique and beautiful. It has a rectangular body, with 4 screw in it. You can buy a few pieces (Recommendation 4) If you like, as part of the wall decoration. House, decorated with one of the benefits of sugar cane is that it helps create a relaxing mood. So, consider your garden, greenhouse, pool and even pieces of these settings.

Guam nested table settings.

Guam nested table is another special set of furniture. This is a three table settings, in another nest. Rattan table top is very easy to clean and maintain. Table frame and legs are made of wood, which is a finishing. This table setting is useful if you have a table with different height requirements. For example, the child can use the shortest form, while adults can use one of the highest. When using the table, the table back together just to save space. You can even leave them in a semi-nested position, as a decoration.

Snow’s pet.

You may not believe this, but pets are rattan furniture! This is a family pet dog or cat basket. It has three different sizes, and pieces of it in the shape of a sofa. Of course, it is relatively smaller. In the framework of furniture is a thick and comfortable cushions, lie on your favorite pet furniture Koboo inch gray, which is a snow-like color. Therefore, its name – the snow-capped pet.

Rattan mirror.

If you have pets rattan furniture is not enough, now they have made from sugar cane mirror! Of course, the mirror itself is glass. But this mirror is surrounded by a beautiful woven rattan furniture, you can get. A mirror, can be very useful. It can be used as a decorative embellishment, or as a function of household items. If you have a bare wall somewhere, probably rattan mirror will complete your picture.

Flower divider.

This is one of the most beautiful rattan furniture, you will never set eyes. This piece is created around a thin piece of cane in the metal framework. Exquisite patterns and designs, with flowers and leaves twisted wheel frame. On this piece of furniture, door, which will help extend your warm welcome to all guests.

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