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March 31, 2016

Rattan furniture taste, the taste of life

Hand-woven rattan furniture will combine with industrial production, different shapes, different patterns and even subtle blend of fabric together, each piece of art as gift of nature, is the relationship between man and nature closer to the shortcut, is integrated into the natural bridge . Use rattan furniture as a masterpiece collection of artists in general, as the collection of the old grandmother’s past in general, easy, rich … …
Morning, had scattered after step, feeling the body cool under the wicker chairs bring comfort, accompanied by a cup of weak tea fragrant vine yo temporarily not to think about to start another busy day, longer and more comfortable home to enjoy the moment really blessing.
In the evening, eager to go home quickly when you leave the office, braving the hot sun still set foot on return home, think the same is also their way of love, think about the family Rattan dinner table will be put on the vine refreshing dinner, mouth and heart are filled with the taste of honey.
        For most families, the balcony is the epitome of the courtyard. Then the set of a rattan cane chair or rocking chair, put pots foliage plants, or simply a few random round woven into the mat, a super-small “natural” the same can be relaxing, comfortable.
         Together with a loved one cane fence, in the vines and leaves together to create a small nature, the Mu breeze and enjoy the sun, until the middle of the night next month.
Old people sitting on rattan chair, gently rocking with and enjoy the pleasure of living in the past to recall fragments comfortably through spring, summer, autumn and winter … …

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