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April 2, 2016

Rattan furniture, simple and cool in the summer

Memory or the kind of rattan furniture in the preparation of very thin high rattan chairs. Summer evenings, my grandmother always sat holding storytelling, rattan chair issued from time to time the sound of creaking, handrails also broken a few rattan.
Today, when I cane exposure to a brilliant scene, apart from old vines appreciate rhyme, rattan love, more of a wonder and indulge: The original vine still can do this.
Rattan chair is no longer simple, rattan is no longer rough, elegant curve shape, exquisite flower-shaped hollow, rattan hanging ruffles, romantic everywhere, in any corner of the room can smell the fragrance of vine taste.
A rattan chaise couch can also be used to make, elegant, chic; European leisure chair hear crunching sound, shaking the comfortable and cozy; the half shell-shaped hanging chair, like half a watermelon-like mellow angle chair is completely broken mind images of old rattan furniture left behind.
In fact, a very old vine material, far away in the Portuguese discovered the route to the East and a magic cane, and other items spices back to Europe before the cane is the Asian life has been an indispensable part of the. It is said that the world’s best rattan products from Indonesia, where year-round sunshine and plenty of rain, where the cane thick, plump, well-balanced.
I love the full flavor of this vine, with a rhythmic extension of joints, reveals a simple line of natural mountain forest. From Indonesia’s rattan peel a large bed, a brown beauty chair, thirty-two furniture, rustic in exquisite in revealing, refreshing roll in the embellishment of the family suddenly have a elegant atmosphere.
Moved in the summer most people is this simple and cool, even in the leather sofa, glass coffee table and metal dining table attack, the vine still singing lead.

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