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April 5, 2016

Rattan furniture, the release of the four themes unlimited style

   First, the talent: He said to work? What is a craftsman? What day into? Although the rich rattan raw material, but after all, as problems in any field, and the wafer edge of a farm or the hills, but after mining to a bunch of random sticks of wood it Qiu. However, the rattan furniture into the Arts and the reason lies in the people – cranial to ingenuity, hands can skillfully weaving, combing with its moments, interspersed back and forth, ever-changing. Then beautiful rattan furniture is completed, Kamijina heaven, spectacular, is eye-opener.

     Second, European and rhyme: from the Central Plains antiquity to the different customs in Guizhou and Guangxi; from Siberia, the deep strains of the Nile; calm and restraint from the Renaissance to the Baroque of the unrestrained and exaggerated; to the European intellectual from the American wild. In this way West through integrating traditional, inclusive yuan.

   Third, the Fashion Fantasy: This is not just a distribution center for classical, it is the dream factory fashion, not only the tradition of the classic flash in the pan, even take to create a myriad of modern whimsy. Unrestrained, fugue octupole, the heart Chi climbed, the imagination of youth, the same dream and aspect unrestrained unrestrained.

    Fourth, the original life: Liu Ying white walls of bamboo, vines around the halls, vegetation Qin fragrance. Taste, play between the pastoral dream is sudden and devastating, Hill Chrysanthemum fence into the head, recalling the farming, back to nature, sudden distractions, attributed to pure. As “Natural beauty to carving,” the poem is absolutely hundred percent original theme.

    Today, rattan furniture variety of materials and types, in addition there is the best natural woven rattan in Indonesia, flax, brown series, bar code, straw, wicker, bamboo, wood and other compiled a dozen raw materials. Hand-woven, each material has its own unique charm.
Rattan as an industry, the initial in the last century under the leaves, and the rapid rise in the U.S. and Europe the world of traditional arts and crafts home appliances and other materials, the formation of subversion, rattan furniture has become the West’s mainstream home market letter one. The early 21st century, this wave began to sweep the land of China, look at many home appliances market, rattan furniture, living quietly from the corner of the site to occupy more and more, is showing its very strong market activity, rattan industry has a comprehensive revitalization. Guangdong Rattan range, variety, covering furniture, jewelry, gifts, daily necessities and other fields. Exported hundreds of countries and regions.

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