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April 24, 2016

Rattan furniture: keep rattan away from fire

Rattan furniture: rattan cane of fire prevention Rattan furniture because of its elegant appearance, and by many consumers. Hot dry conditions in the north, the inappropriate use of Rattan furniture, PE rattan easy to change under high temperature and dry, brittle, placed rattan furniture, must not be in the sun exposure, otherwise it will directly affect the rattan furniture Life. Preferably every six months, use a mild detergent, oil and other special rattan furniture carefully wiped, so dust, anti-moth-eaten effect. “If the owners especially like rattan, rattan imitation can also choose outdoor furniture, in fact, made ​​of composite material with PVC, this outdoor furniture, rattan and rattan look outdoor furniture looks similar, and the price is cheap, easy care! Rattan furniture outdoor use, even on the balcony of the home have closed to avoid direct sunlight and avoid sharp, cigarette butts and other contact with the stick, so that cane break, when handling and moving gently, to avoid the bump caused by fracture Or destruction of protective layer! “

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