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April 15, 2016

Rattan Furniture are becoming popular in high-end furniture market

     Recently, China rattan Furniture are becoming popular along with the international commodity and oil prices continuing to rise, with mahogany furniture, household sector, represented all the way to popular high-end furniture market investment and speculation has been unusually hot. While china rattan Furniture  prices climbing higher and higher, but the pursuit of consumer enthusiasm for high-end furniture, but year after year growth, mahogany furniture and its alternatives, antique furniture, have all become use and collection of objects. Under the high-end surge in the stock before the high-end furniture  and furniture is creating a lot of high-end furniture and maintenance market. Light weight products, services in China, the current market situation and maintenance of china rattan Furniture  is how it?
Maintenance of high-end furniture brands limited to written

   The provisions of relevant state departments after-sales warranty and maintenance of furniture business for one year. The author china rattan Furniture  from the shop floor of the Pudong Meikailong related stores learned: Although the majority of brands will provide paid outside the period of one year extension of warranty and maintenance services, and they can really do a good repair operations . But even within the stipulated period of maintenance operations, are difficult to do, or do also very professional.

    In the interview on the occasion I have encountered are buying furniture store Wu, she said that hundreds of thousands of home value because the table is brand maintenance personnel in maintenance, wipe with a damp cloth was soon cracks appeared, because the maintenance people and maintenance people are not the same group, does not know how to care, so cause irreparable damage, but can not collect evidence had come to see how to coordinate the resolution of negotiations.

    In the china rattan Furniture  industry, few have dedicated service centers nationwide, and the same as UNPROFOR 3C digital services. Which to some extent, avoid the dealer’s “Chuanhuo” problem, but it also lost some high-end market, consumer groups, these consumers are looking for quality and value of Rattan Furniture , but all over the country and even around the world move around. As far as I know, there are very few perfect after-sales service brand, for example, to  high-end furniture American furniture featuring Markor to have a “once to buy china rattan Furniture , permanent help move” after-sales service, and regular home maintenance services. These well-known brand’s market share less than 10%, more tens of thousands of brands in value-added services and after-sales maintenance, or a blank.

    More difficult to find traditional  high-end furniture and maintenance

    More use of modern brand Rattan Furniture  Wood cladding is different from generation to generation in modern times mahogany, rosewood and other high-end furniture, general surface without paint, maintain it is more difficult. With the climate and storage sites in different environments, through the constant expansion of wood and expansion, more need for professional maintenance, and I try to consult in the store were several mahogany brand, willing to undertake repair and maintenance of the old mahogany few.

    A business person in charge of them to reveal the mysteries of the author: First of all, inherited from the old mahogany long years, they will be too wet or dry contact areas, resulting in internal mildew, corrosion or cracking, fading, this may not be through normal maintenance solution. Second, because of different geographical process, different styles of mahogany Maintenance needs are different, but generally the owner of mahogany furniture, Rattan Furniture  rarely know the origins and processes, if not a professional high-end wood carving division, rarely Professional maintenance of all these antiques. Teachers of these processes are serving the brand’s factories, labor-intensive material and financial resources to open up the traditional market for the maintenance of high-end furniture brand, the opportunity cost is too large.

    In the Rattan Furniture  market and the rapid development of information today, the traditional marketing model is gradually being services for the first of the new model it replaces, there must be more and more brands will make an issue of after-sales service and maintenance; and as philosophy and consumer spending enhanced financial management concepts, traditional high-end furniture market will more and more attention. Possible future one day, you pay big bucks to play the brand of professional craftsmen to fly home on their maintenance will become fashionable mahogany, and this area will become the Rattan Furniture  industry to compete in the industry chain extension.

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