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April 6, 2016

Rattan furniture to buy and display in summer

While the summer, the former home of generous leather sofas, and gentle feeling of cloth did not bring a cool, simple yet full flavor of the rattan garden furniture, cool and comfortable. Now, people love the rattan furniture is not just summer. Rattan furniture in the preparation of the simplicity of life that people can feel clean, which is to bring people’s hearts on the rattan to enjoy.
     Rattan furniture, mainly with the approach to the natural, recreational principle. When the main colors for a dark space, the purchase of quality rattan products may tend to brown or dark brown; light-colored, light-colored or other household can choose the color of rattan furniture. Placing these pale white in the summer, the most appropriate color of the rattan furniture.
Vine can be supported by solid wood, cloth and glass and other modern elements. When paired with other furnishings, to select the same style simple but rich texture of wood or metal furniture. Study, dining room, living room, placed in simple elegant style rattan sofa, rattan chair, allowing the entire space a warm nature.

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