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August 19, 2016

Rattan and wicker furnitures are more and more popular all over the world.

In the past, wicker and rattan furniture, mainly used in tropical countries. However, in the past two decades or so, more and more interest in wicker and rattan furniture, and even in Canada and the United States and other countries.

Rattan furniture can be used indoors or outdoors, but why it is widely used in the hotel industry, especially in hotels and resorts is due to the fact that it not only continued to look good, it can also give a relaxed and tropical feeling around. It is very flexible and can be combined with other materials such as wood, metal and leather to create a modern and stylish furniture.

Convention on International Trade and Exhibition audience rattan furniture has contributed to the expansion. Rattan furniture versatility makes it easy to mix and match existing furniture and interior decoration. In addition, the establishment of all-weather wicker furniture also ensure that the owners, they are easy to keep rattan furniture is able to withstand the natural weather elements.

Rattan furniture, many companies advertise their eco-friendliness, to ensure the production of rattan and wicker plant using plantation and will not harm or endanger wildlife and the environment. Some of them take a step to ensure that throughout the production process does not use child labor. Therefore, it is not surprising, rattan furniture called environmentally conscious consumers.

Rattan furniture industry is one of a very active region, and commercial transactions around the world literally. As raw materials such as rattan and cane is grown mostly in Southeast Asia, it is natural that the furniture manufacturers, most of them are located in Indonesia like Bali and Java, where passengers in the Philippines. In addition, the rattan furniture is a craft. Handed down from generation to generation craftsman skills. Vine, making them suitable for use in the production processing and treatment is a long process. Even if some degree of mechanization, some labor-intensive process like weaving still must be done manually. This requires the skills of craftsmen, is to determine the final product quality.

Vine in the United States and Canada many furniture companies, whether it is finished rattan furniture imported directly from China, Indonesia or the Philippines, or they have their own factory, located in one of these countries. As the size and fluffy, the export of furniture is usually in the shipping container. This will take about a month or more goods in order to achieve in the United States and Canada, retailers and wholesalers. These big-ticket items in order to reduce transport costs, some of them have their own factories, and packaging materials in the local assembly.

Today, the industry’s growth and expansion, so that consumers enjoy a wider range of design and product selection. With so many advantages, it is no surprise that the popularity of rattan furniture will continue to rise.

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