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April 2, 2016

How To Purchase Rattan Furnitures?

       Simple and vigorous, natural flavor of the rattan furniture, because of its unique texture, shape Zhuopu, a touch of grassy narrow the distance between man and nature, as people back to nature, back to nature “boat.”
        A beautiful rattan furniture is not just a simple, more a work of art, a decorative home atmosphere of the gifted writer. Rattan furniture on the market today take off the original, rough image, is injected into the more fashionable element, with fresh beautiful image among the fashion forefront.
Placed in the living room or balcony or casual rattan cane hanging chairs, rocking chair a lot of city people a new choice for natural return. Rattan furniture sales growing in recent years promising, mainly young people began to join the buying group.
        European and American style
        European and American-style rattan furniture, and more followed in the design of luxurious and elegant style in Europe and America. Fine lines of rattan furniture, rattan rocking chair all clean and shallow swaying, retro fine rattan sofa, rattan bar chairs classical style decorated with different kind of home, emitting a pure natural plant-specific gloss and a touch of natural taste. European and American-style rattan furniture, mostly dark brown color, beige, light yellow-based, with dark brown wood, luxurious disclosed in the thick, revealed in a dignified and fair.
        Adapter home: can be used with classical European and modern Jane European, American style home, living room, bedroom, study, tea room, balcony Dengjun can be placed, can also be placed in single complete layout.
        Chinese classical style
        Eau elegant style of classical Chinese-style consistent with the thickness, color uniformity of the cane preparation, subtle and elegant decoration, creating a water linger, bridges Goulian, bamboo shade of the tranquil mood. Jin Tao as the “mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain” in the cloud.
        Adapter home: can be used with classical Chinese, modern Chinese Jane, the new classical Chinese family, living room, bedroom, balcony, dining room, tea room and so can match.
        Original style in Indonesia
        Style rattan furniture in Indonesia to the world-famous multi-Indonesia vine, or a combination of rattan and wood, bamboo or rattan combination, or the whole vine, fine surface ornamentation, carving skills, arc full, beautiful lines.
        Top grade multi-Indonesia Rattan Furniture Indonesia to the world-famous “onyx vine” weaving, rattan thick full symmetry, tough resilient material, modeling simple, mostly straight side, the whole vine or a combination of rattan and wood, the color to dark brown, brown, gold yellow, etc. are mostly arm of the sofa, coffee table pedestal Dengjun woven into clothes and costumes withdrawal can open the storage debris boxes, stools, etc., a multi-purpose, practical and decorative and strong.
        Adapter home: You can style home with garden, living room, bedroom furnitures, study, dining room, tea room, balcony and other furnishings can be placed in a single piece, or you can complete layout, single price from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
        Rattan furniture purchase to the police, “Yan” view “color”
        Rattan furniture, timber stress, the material is good or bad determines the quality of rattan furniture, rattan home to remind you, I have excellent rattan furniture in the purchase to the police, “Yan” concept “color.”
        High-quality vines hard, flexible and strong, the appearance of coherence seems, no black spot crude cane uniform color, full no cracking, and pressure is good, very flexible no snags phenomenon. Rattan surface wrinkles, there may be new with the young vine processing, poor strength and low toughness, easy to break and corrosion. Basically, the rattan furniture is pure hand-woven, so the selection process is to look carefully woven rattan uniform convergence rattan interface is compact, the paint color is uniform and so on.

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