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June 9, 2016

Professional hotel furniture design

At least 2000 of China’s existing 300,000-room hotel has been transformed into an upgrade of the peak, around 10 billion required renovation costs, assuming that the transformation is a comprehensive reform, the furniture, fixed furniture and general engineering activities, the amount of to calculate the proportion of fixed furniture, probably about 75 billion market, imagine, this is a kind of market?
According to experts predict that by 2012, China’s hotel industry is still the most powerful fastest growing industries, which were in addition to the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shenzhen Universiade, the most important is still is due to rapid economic development brought.
    During this period, every year there are about 500-star hotel opened, and, most of which is a high-star three-star hotel. Star of the furniture, especially for fixed furniture demanding.
     Assuming an average 15 million hotel furniture according to statistics, then, every year at least 75 million new hotel furniture (including fixed furniture) is a large market, its prospects immeasurable!
Why is fixed to the furniture company to make furniture?
     Typically, the hotel side will cover the hotel furniture into the interior of the budget, produced by the decoration company site, on-site “fixed” fixed furniture. (Formerly a “fixed” after the verb is a “fixed” is the name of the fixed and moving are two different installation process and results!) The result is that these fixed furniture fixed, but not removable replacement, we can not guarantee the quality, much trouble to make the hotel side. Also to the hotel owners and decoration industry to bring a new task: fixed furniture can stay away from the scene to a professional furniture factory produced parts, and then transported to the hotel site components installed it? New issues is not difficult to make fixed furniture manufacturers of furniture is the most scientific, most cost-effective, the best way to ensure good quality of the decoration. Decoration company does not have the production site production conditions, can not guarantee the strict size ratio, can not pull up paint, and not removable. And by the furniture factory production, live production than decoration company, has a very advantages and benefits.
1, have someone on-site factory authorized size of the design, made by on-site after installation, combined with the main building close, compared to the activities of furniture and durable.

2, the appearance of factory-style furniture can be fixed with the overall renovation of the hotel the same style, and according to the specific needs of different size, style changes.

3, fixed furniture for higher dimensions, on-site space utilization is high, after the completion of the surface effect is the traditional on-site production of furniture can not match.

4, fixed furniture factory standardized production details of the treatment effect is the decoration of construction site can not be achieved, better reflect the grade of furniture.

5, the factory produced the material requirements of the fixed furniture is much higher than the general activities of furniture, making a longer service life after installation is complete, easy to damage;

6, fixed furniture, better environmental performance, more secure, sophisticated manufacturing process, no scratches, nail holes and other flaws, traditional practices easily lead to on-site dust, paint, pollution, product quality is not guaranteed.

7, Professional factory-scale production, make use of fixed furniture in the same timber under the premise of the standard, to better ensure product quality stability, and appropriate to reduce costs.

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