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April 10, 2016

Why there are so many price differences between rattan outdoor furnitures ?

     First: the reasons for brand
    Building Materials City or rattan furniture, outdoor furniture stores in the prices of certain brands of high, because it shows the environment and better after-sale protection, the price is relatively high.
    Second: material cause
    Some of the brand building in the city some Malaysian rattan chair, high raw material prices, relatively speaking, Malaysia is better toughness cane, and rattan are relatively thick. Rattan outdoor furniture, cheap rattan texture worse.
    Third: quality problems
The high price of cane processing technology and more up, including sterilization, drying, etc., which makes Rattan outdoor furniture, some longer used to handle the process less, although in appearance can not see, but a long time it is easy to Quality problems.
    IV: design reasons
    In general the high price of rattan style furniture is new. Fashionable Rattan outdoor furniture is often more popular, businessmen will not miss this opportunity.

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