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October 13, 2016

Import pe outdoor furniture from china to expand the market

wooden furniture exports to some extent, suffered a bottleneck, but not the way forward is bleak. With the continuous improvement of quality of life for people of all countries, the relentless pursuit of quality of life as well as wooden furniture from China has always been of good quality and favorable price, exports of wood furniture the international market and the potential still exist, and will not disappear in the short term.
First, the cost advantages of labor and technical advantages are important. Hangzhou companies in recent years of rising labor costs, but due to the increasing mechanization, labor costs per unit of output is shrinking. In addition, the long history of China’s furniture industry to provide a large amount of skilled labor. Do these skilled workers in the face of the needs of complex design customers, companies can not only get more orders, and reduce design costs and improve comprehensive advantages in production costs.
Second, with the advantages of industrial clusters. Furniture manufacturing industry, the share of logs, sawn timber, wood, metal, plastics and other raw materials and paints, glue, sandpaper, packaging materials, auxiliary. Geography of Hangzhou export of office furniture, China furniture industry cluster outside and specialization has gradually formed, which increases the degree of specialization in the manufacture of furniture and played an industrial scale advantages. Hangzhou furniture industry cluster, with the industrial park that exists in the form of the industrial park of large and small to form a large industrial base, which is conducive for companies to respond quickly to market changes, reduce production costs.
addition, the production efficiency advantage is evident. Although European and American traditional furniture-producing countries around the important advantage of the consumer market, but the lack of flexible working time limits the efficiency of production, emerging countries that produce furniture at low cost labor, the abundant forest resources, but the lack of a developed industrial system of support limits the production efficiency.
From the point of view of businesses and government departments, first, the need for timely adjustment of development strategy, and actively support the guide, breaking the technical measures in foreign trade. The second is to enhance the economies of scale, the integration of the structure of the furniture industry. The third is the implementation of brand strategy, product improvement Hangzhou brand value. Just try to train with the original design capacity of Hangzhou brand wood furniture to achieve significant market share and expand exports and gradually to become world class brands in the country, in order to really get get rid of the subject at cost situation, to make extra profits in the international market, and maintain sustained international competitiveness.

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