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April 20, 2016

Patio outdoor furnitures are hot items in the U.S now

Patio outdoor furnitures rattan furniture website  are being talked by american Furniture retailers are introducing more and more patio outdoor furnitures. Many of them, the introduction of outdoor leisure furniture, equivalent to vocational training.

KyleJohansen is based HOM Furniture in Minnesota, a new brand of Patio outdoor furnitures buyer Seasonal Concepts. He said he knew 50 top American Furniture retailers are not expanding their outdoor leisure furniture series, is first introduced.

“Some people in February 2011 called me and ask for my advice,” Johansen said, “I told them too late, but they do not believe it. I explained to them that they should book a year ahead.”

Patio outdoor furnitures retailers across the country show this trend is increasing, because of outdoor furniture has been on the market demand, it fit the style of existing furniture, and sales promotion activities and shops close down the market to bring blank.

Many consumers want to get beyond the four walls, to outdoor relaxation and friendship, which is based in St. Louis (St. Louis) of Weekends Only Furniture reasons for changes in policy. The retailer recently announced that five stores will debut this spring in the outdoor furniture.

HOM Furniture will be this season, Minnesota (Minnesota) of the 13 stores opened HOM Seasonal Concepts Galleries.

Johansen said that the demand on the geographical and cultural play an important role. Residents of the Midwest like spring and summer leisure activities, if you have time, they will go outside in the winter snow removal.

“It’s to promote the store’s trading volume, which is an advantage of this seasonal industry,” Johansen said, “In the summer, everyone loves to stay outdoors, not indoors. Weakened the purchasing power of the indoor furniture, and then rebounded in the fall . Outdoor Products has provided us with a good source of income. ”

Florida (Florida) like Minnesota or the Pacific Northwest, as unusually cold winter, but the City Furniture has decided this season to strengthen the promotion of outdoor series. City Furniture in South Florida has 24 City Furniture and Ashley HomeStore.

Koenig said City Furniture will introduce a complete line of Patio outdoor furnitures from Asia Book framework, in a store in Mississippi plant cushion. City to focus on marketing and sales promotion.

Jordan’s outdoor rattan furniture have also been welcomed by customers. Jordan’s in Massachusetts (Massachusetts) has three stores in Rhode Island (Rhode Island) has a store. Jordan’s vice president of sales Josh Tatelman said that now is the launch of the second quarter of their Patio outdoor furnitures, each store to make room for display of these are seasonal furniture to high-end price in between.

Located in the port city of Washington, Tacoma (Tacoma, Wash.) Of Selden’s Home Furnishings three years ago began selling outdoor furniture. Early March each year or any time when the seasons change, they make the right side of the front door 4500 square feet of space.

New York (New York) Madison Avenue (Madison Avenue) indoor furniture retailer, said public relations representative Allison Hupp SUITE New York acquired more outdoor furniture, one Hanpusidun (Hamptons) customer demand and second, because there are many in New York City apartment with a terrace.

Retailers imitation rattan outdoor furniture imported more than expected, like in Augusta, Georgia (Augusta, Ga.)’s Weinberger’s Furniture President Mark Weinberger. The company is located in Augusta, Lake Oconee and outdoor furniture stores are introduced.

Weinberger said that while the Lake Oconee store is small, but sales of outdoor furniture, better – the whole year, sales are very good, because the local people prefer leisure lifestyle.

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