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April 27, 2016

Outdoor rattan furniture, outdoor market unlimited supplies

       Now, with the improvement of living standards, housing villas, penthouse, hop split more and more people, and people are confined in small indoor space, with the second private outdoor space to create ideas, outdoor rattan furniture nature of a “useless.” 
      Outdoor rattan furniture as a new wave of stylish furniture which embodies people a relaxing life. A survey shows that the summer selling season for outdoor rattan furniture, indoor outdoor furniture this year in May than in April of traffic there is a clear improvement. Overall, compared with 6.7 months in May rose a lot, has been on the rise and rise is the largest number of lounge chairs. Leisure chair can be placed either indoors, outdoors and can move to have multiple functions, very popular. The flow is much larger than a bamboo chair rattan chair, rattan furniture sales are now rising. One important reason is quality outdoor rattan furniture design, have demonstrated the appearance of more modern, at home both beautiful and “cool.” 
      Outdoor rattan furniture, wicker chair and wicker chair leisure imitation accounted for a large proportion. In recent years, sales of outdoor beach beds are gradually rising. Original use of the outdoor beach chair at the beach, and now by many people moved to the balcony or yard. Because they can adjust, so find a comfortable angle to vary.
      According to Chinese Customs statistics, in recent years, China’s export of outdoor furniture at an annual rate of 30% annually. With respect for the outdoor life, outdoor furniture market has a bright future. 

     Anti-bacterial products into the home favorite

       Recently, there have been a market can release negative ions of the green features of the tiles. , Called “anion glazed” products look stylish, not only excellent antifouling effect, and after testing, a closed space of this anion in the use of glazed tiles after 12 hours, the air of negative ions increase the capacity of 500 cubic centimeters on average , the effect is obvious.

       Sales staff, told reporters that the negative ions into negative ions is used in ceramic tile with this new design principle, while raw materials with a homogeneous mix of ceramic and fired at high temperatures, resulting in the release of a stable anion ceramic tile. Brick around the release of negative ions and harmful gases, bacteria, pollutants in contact, capable of redox reactions, effectively kill the bacteria and the elimination of formaldehyde and other harmful gases, and the effects can last 10 years.

       Now, with the gradual increase awareness of anti-bacterial health-care consumers who have antibacterial, bactericidal function of environmentally friendly products has also been more demand. According to statistics of China Association of antibacterial, antimicrobial materials in China is 30% sales increase to maintain a sustained upward trend. Antimicrobial flooring, ceramic antibacterial, antimicrobial coatings, antibacterial wall covering such a wide variety of antibacterial and antifungal products are becoming the new darling of home building materials market, and has become a major selling point on the market 
    Outdoor furniture market is excellent.

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