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May 3, 2016

Outdoor patio furnitures should be people-oriented design

          Design a house of many factors to consider, for indoor furniture and coordination will be in line with the principles of integrity to the selection. Outdoor patio furnitures from the walls of the obstacles to agreement no specific details of style, giving the outdoor rattan furniture designers more creative inspiration, and all people-oriented is the core idea advocated by the designer.
   outdoor rattan furniture design pay more attention to people’s inner feelings, and many more streamlined, arc, shape of leaves and flowers as the theme, gives a feeling close to nature, Outdoor patio furnitures gives a poetic beauty and temptation. Designer to be based on standardized parameters will continue to improve with the development of technology innovation, and thus affect the performance and size of outdoor patio furnitures , aesthetics and ergonomics binding.
     Brilliant colors in the material lightweight, high-end outdoor patio furnitures, simple shape which has an absolute mainstream, this use of color to bring people’s health and lively experience. There are some special self-contained outdoor patio furnitures, the use of aesthetic principles, so that systematic furniture styling, body color, body composition and other aspects of reunification and the formation of the unique characteristics of style.
    Relative to the bright colors and new materials, another return to the original shares to capture the natural trend is still continuing fever, in terms of traditional wood furniture, after the technology has improved, but also have a high degree of artistic expression. Cotton, hemp, bamboo, rattan and other materials are also more delicate touch, these unique materials design is the future trend of outdoor patio furnitures design, which rattan is also very good choice.

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