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April 26, 2016

Outdoor leisure furniture-Chaise Lounge in China

     Outdoor leisure furniture in China has a long histroy.Outdoor Rattan Chaise  Lounge very long history in China already know that the ancients called both work and leisure are busy amateur. to the leisure and cultural development of the Tang Dynasty to the extreme, because imitation is the Han Lingdi Outdoor Rattan Chaise  Lounge come from the introduction of the Western Regions, so start Called “Hu Chuang”, then can not be folded.

     Later, after several improvements, gradually become a common people can also enjoy the leisure furniture. outdoor leisure chair was later developed into a chair made ​​of bamboo or wood body, with a hemp rope, cane or leather seat covers, often with additional The head and put stand by, and most casual wicker chair can be folded. Novel in the “first chair”in the top spot to refer to Outdoor Rattan Chaise  Lounge, the specific name is “armchair”or”Outdoor Rattan Chaise  Lounge“is a symbol of power.

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