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March 30, 2016

Outdoor furniture of different material characteristics and considerations

      Outdoor furniture warm transparent terrace, after the court do not beautiful homes, spacious Dielianhua Park … … hot summer day, cool and proper way, you may wish to temporarily move the outdoor living room, to feel the warm sunshine under umbrellas, cane rocking chair in the leisure and romance, iron furniture, coolness, this summer, so outdoor furniture to sing a leading role.
I have my outdoor furniture requirements
Selection of outdoor furniture, in addition to look at style, but also special attention to materials, both for places to display, but also to withstand the wind and sun, but also easy care. 
    Wrought iron furniture, the unique summer cold can people forget the heat. Iron dining table, couch, coffee table, or fine or rough, or modern or ancient, is a good choice. Can also choose aluminum or paint and waterproof treated alloy, the wear resistance, corrosion resistance than the strong.
Rattan furniture is also more common. Permeability, and the natural taste of heaven and the refreshing feeling is most important feature. If you choose quality rattan outdoor furniture, it is best to use depending on the specific situation may be, can be a rocking chair, it can be a coffee table, all do not have style.
      In addition to materials, the functionality is a lot of people care about. Folding outdoor furniture to popular consumers, not only practical, personal, but also suitable for use in the bedroom, such as can be placed in the balcony or small terrace. Select folding furniture, metal pieces to be optimistic about whether the thick, durable, stable, solid and so are able to withstand pressure.
Lacquer wooden furniture to Shanghao
     Many people choose a more desirable outdoor wooden furniture, wooden furniture, the best selection of high oil content of wood, such as fir, pine, teak and so on. Purchase of such furniture, pay attention to whether they have been embalmed, the surface is coated with lacquer, because the paint treatment can enhance the moisture resistance.
Many consumers are not very understanding of wood outdoor furniture, buy directly used in the outdoors, the result will be less than a summer of varying degrees of corrosion and fading. In fact, after the consumer buy the best anti-corrosion and then painted a layer of lacquer or paint, painting about two months after the first, this may be extended useful life. After brushing lacquer, in use must be careful not to bump things are hard, because outside of a peeling paint or cracks, water will penetrate, resulting in furniture mildew.
     Economic and practical home-made furniture
Buy a set of outdoor furniture, expensive, in fact, many small outdoor furniture can DIY. Such as the decoration of wood left after the corner, you can fit the size of sawn, made of small wooden chair, square table, small coffee table, and then brushing on your favorite color, have a charm.
If you think it is too monotonous, it may wish to add some of the small garden or terrace and unique flower, fence. Exquisite cast iron flower, planted with colorful flowers placed on a small wooden barrel, can be integrated with the surrounding environment, so you enjoy smooth cool enjoy!

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