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April 22, 2016

Outdoor furniture market is well-developed under Economic crisis in Germany

     Almost no economic crisis, the German architectural and decorative building materials market trace. Germany decorative building materials, construction and horticulture professional Market Association President Michael Baumgart said: “The 2009 sales results were surprising,outdoor garden furniture  market development and stability.” Decorated by the German building materials, construction and horticulture professional market associations to say, from January 2009 to September, building materials and decoration industry sales of EUR 13.7 billion, an increase of 1.5%. Association expects total sales in 2009 than in 2008, a slight increase.
     Among them, the “green products” to bring up the profits of building decoration industry. Particular plants, by 2009 three quarters of its sales rose 7.1%; for a landscaped outdoor garden furniture and decorative product sales increased by 4.9%.
     Baumgart explained: “Facts have proved that the industry focused on the development of the garden early in the field is worth it.” Now, the garden areas have occupied a third of the building market share.
      Decorative building materials market in the wallpaper, flooring, interior decoration and entertainment areas, handmade, tools, areas of significant decline in product sales.
      According to the German decorative building materials, construction and horticultural information professional market associations, Germany currently has a total of about 4,500 construction and decoration materials market, most of which belong to chains. Despite the oversupply in some regions of the phenomenon, but Baumgart still think the market still room for expansion, he said: “The market is able to digest it all.”

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