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May 23, 2016

Outdoor Furniture: Make Your Garden Your Outdoor Home

Las tendencias de muebles de exterior han cambiado dramáticamente a medida que los años han pasado. Hubo un momento en que el único tipo de muebles de jardín lo más probable es ver era de plástico y por lo general se limita a unas pocas sillas o tumbonas. De plástico, mientras que sigue siendo ampliamente utilizado para los muebles de jardín, hay una gran cantidad de diferentes materiales y estilos para elegir hoy en día.

Outdoor Furniture: Make Your Garden Your Outdoor Home
Outdoor furniture trends have changed dramatically as the years have gone by. There was a time when the only type of garden furniture you would most likely see was made from plastic and would usually be limited to a few chairs or loungers. Whilst plastic is still widely used for garden furniture there are a lot of different materials and styles to choose from nowadays.

People love the summer months and enjoy the outdoor life, whether it’s a patio, deck or a nice garden setting. It may be just to lay back and laze under the sun or entertaining friends, there is nothing quite like relaxing in your own outdoor space. Now to fully enjoy life outdoors obviously some kind of furniture is required.  You could choose to go for something that is very simple and not so expensive or you could if your budget allows go for some very stylish and elegant furnishing since as recent trends have shown all tastes are now all catered for.

For furniture that is simplistic and not so expensive you could choose a resin finish. They will normally come in a varied range of colours and can include chairs, tables, loungers, side tables and even foot rests. This extremely durable type of furniture is ideal for anyone with a young family as they can withstand quite a bit of punishment and quite sturdy enough to withstand the outdoors all year round. The only real drawback with this kind of outdoor furniture is that over time they may fade and lose some of their glossy finish.

Heavy duty plastic has been around for many years and is still as popular today as it’s ever been. Plastic furniture has moved with the times in as far as styles are concerned and with a few cushions added can be quite comfy and welcoming. With a matching garden umbrella, your garden setting can look very nice indeed. Now depending on the size of the garden furniture set and its construction plastic can vary in price. The more expensive garden sets are normally made using a polyethylene and have a UV treatment making them fade resistant.

Cedar is proving to be quite a popular choice having proved itself first as decking. Because cedar is easy to care for, durable and looks really good it somehow became an obvious choice for outdoor furniture. Although more costly than resin and plastic, cedar does have great looks and will last a very long time making it a good investment.  Indeed, this type of furniture will remain popular for a long time to come.

Teak has been favoured for many years, its durability and amazing good looks make it a good choice when it comes to wooden garden furniture.  Because it is so hard wearing and tough it became one of the more costly types of furniture. With a little maintenance and care it will surely last for many years.

Outdoor furniture is not restricted to plastics and wood either, there is aluminium, stainless steel and stone you could choose from. The two metals are available in different styles and colours; stone tends to be limited as it is so difficult to move around so the range is not so varied.

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