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April 8, 2016

Outdoor furniture, garden furniture can be stylish custom anti-corrosion materials strictly related

Concerned about the efficient use of custom garden furniture    “Custom” is often used in indoor furniture, or because the units need, or because the owner of a unique vision, requiring more, custom furniture, come into being. Today, custom outdoor furniture can also be achieved, or that the outdoor space as each different area and towards the location, outdoor furniture line has been making many categories of products. In order to meet more demand, currently on the market of outdoor furniture manufacturers will provide more customized service. Of course, the custom is not confined to the furniture, there are a number of professional garden designers, who as interior designer, will help you grasp the overall design of outdoor spaces, with their knowledge and experience, through space ratio, towards issues such as location and efficiency considerations, provide you with purchase of outdoor furniture style, size and texture of the proposal.
    But is placed on the terrace or in the yard a few pieces of furniture, so why go to war? Maybe most people will have so much doubt, however, garden designers tell us to do overall planning for the outdoor space is to optimize the combination of space, effective use of every corner of the and, according to design custom outdoor furniture can make the future use of more humane, more convenient. For example, three people in the hospitality of the home, such as seats and tables to customize the ring, it should select 4 to 5 people can sit down and a larger size, or home to the guests want to chat or play cards on the terrace is also difficult to achieve, very convenient; the sun a long time outdoor space, you should select good quality raw materials and maintenance of facilities in the outdoor furniture, furniture, otherwise it will speed up the aging rate.
   Strict anti-corrosion technology related materials
    Custom Outdoor Furniture has become more popular on the market trends with personalized, and building materials supermarkets and some outdoor furniture brands in different product lines, because it is set and we have to make, so this type of furniture in the size, dimensions, materials, anti-corrosion treatment process and there is a big difference on such links. Select custom outdoor furniture should be strict in what areas? Experts believe that the share price from the proportion of said material, technology and preservative treatment on three major issues can not be ignored.
    Among them, the pros and cons of raw materials, the final price of the furniture the most. Camphor pine outdoor furniture is often used as the substrate, the surface of carbonized wood and wood preservative firm structure, bearing good, affordable, but easier deformation crack; and carbonized wood after heat treatment homogeneity, reducing the hygroscopicity of wood, stability high, corrosion resistance, and not deformed crack, but the load-bearing performance weakened, prices are also high. With these basics, the experts recommended to choose according to their material, do not let the manufacturers are free to choose; outdoor furniture is a natural pursuit of the original ecosystem, usually more rugged styling, original, and indoor furniture, used very little pattern or sculpture appears. At this point, furniture, shape, curvature and corner of the production process to become a standard of whether or not refined, so this off can not be ignored. Inseparable from the wind and the sun is the fate of outdoor furniture, your furniture if you want to have a “strong body” and “withstand wind and rain in the appearance of” anti-corrosion pest control treatment must be in place, otherwise the more beautiful it is.
    Furniture style courtyard style decision
    Do the overall planning of the garden, and custom outdoor furniture, and a benefit is self-contained outdoor space allows, have their own style and personality, do not worry about the “clash of furniture” of the. It is understood, Chinese, American and Japanese-style garden is most representative of the three styles.
    Chinese to pavilions, rockeries, bridge, water for the elements, many express a sanctuary state of mind, a large outdoor space for family choice. The best shape of the Ming and Qing era furniture, mainly targeting the deeper the color, highlighting the calm atmosphere.
    American in outdoor sofas, side tables, chairs, bar stools bar, hammocks, lawn, etc. for the elements, casual and comfortable, close to nature is the main tone, outdoor spaces can be large sofas, side tables, chairs all put in, space is limited bar bar stool can be used to create atmosphere and small hammock. However, custom furniture, be sure to calculate the size and dimensions, so as to avoid self-defeating.
    Japanese style with tatami, gravel, residual wood, moss, etc. for the elements, sleek, fresh and elegant is the most want to express mood, the most suitable for small terrace, small garden, balcony or outdoor use. Select whether this type of furniture depends on the consistent style of interior space, such as the difference is too large will affect the overall results. Japanese-style furniture in the major home stores and supermarkets in both the sale of building materials, such as do not want to spend more customization, also choose to purchase products in these areas. Of course, we must ask whether the anticorrosion pest control treatment.


    One problem: whether the quality of outdoor furniture and environmental standards?

    A: The experts say it is the quality of our furniture products for outdoor and environmental factors is no specific requirements and standards, a variety of products before sale and without censorship. However, the industry also said that while no national standards for the finished product, but the raw materials for the production of outdoor furniture has a certain quality and environmental requirements. Therefore, consumers in the purchase, you can view documents, to distinguish good and bad materials.

    Second problem: the quality of outdoor furniture, time should be long?

    A: The industry said that the current outdoor furniture industry is not a mandatory warranty period, usually decide cases according to the seller. However, outdoor furniture and more into quality construction and workmanship of two parts warranty and raw material quality, construction and technology is the outdoor furniture in the production process appears flawed, such as broken legs, desks and chairs, etc. Most of this part of the year warranty ; and raw materials, product quality is the guarantee of quality of materials used, we understand the market in this part of the warranty time ranging from 10 to 30 years, the situation is different. Since no standard outdoor furniture, and no mandatory quality time, so experts recommend that consumers sign a contract and the time when the project quality at a certain caution, notes, the more clearly as possible.

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