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April 7, 2016

Outdoor furniture decorates garden

     This is to open doors and windows open up a new world for their own time! This is not, as had been in the sunroom  (or a small garden) where put on the casual tables and chairs, ready to fully enjoy the quiet sun. However, here is how to choose furniture? What kind of outdoor furniture is easy and convenient maintenance with it? Let’s hear the voice of the experts … …
Indoor courtyard is home to the outdoor environment from the transition in style it needs to respond with the formation of indoor and outdoor, should not exist independently. Because outdoor furniture belongs to a part of home, but also needs to be emphasized in the design of life, between personal and artistic combination.
     In order to meet the needs of different owners, we particularly note the following three points:
    Spectator: here mainly for owners to relax and meet with friends, chat purposes, of course, natural beauty and create an indispensable, in order to add fun here, plants, water features (if the area is large enough) are all important means of .
Practicality: This is home, so we can not be confused with the landscape, in order to be more to life, we pay particular attention to the choice of outdoor furniture, comfortable, practical and convenient features are indispensable. There is a growing respect for the relaxed rural life, so outdoor furniture will be more and more popular, there will be more and more outdoor furniture is designed and produced.
Privacy: While in the outdoors, but will actually host family as part of the design of security and privacy are very important to the host, such as furniture placed in the courtyard of the location.
     Traditional VS Modern  : outdoor furniture, the most demanding of sunshine UV rays and acid rain soaking the material itself posed a severe test. Many people are accustomed to select rattan, wood, iron, resin materials such as outdoor furniture, but these traditional materials can not break through the bottleneck of the technology, people yearn for a new material can solve the destructive power of nature, and thus more user-friendly Therefore, DEDON material came into being. This material is very easy to clean and even without any environmental pollution with the cleaning agent, but also have a long life and tolerance, both natural decomposition or burning of any harmful substances are not produced; believe that we attach importance to environmental protection, Health care choice! In addition, within the framework of the choice of outdoor furniture is also very important, and light alloy materials, a gun-type and minimize the spot, not only the layout easy to move, can reduce the impact of external conditions on the deformation occurred .
       Home is my family when I buy the most fancy place, not much, but I like it, we stay long, I hurried to a few simple Amoy chair on the inside, but later found that apart from a few months, once the occasional dinner with friends outside, it seems useful. At a party, there is a designer friends volunteered to help us design this had not been ready to give up the courtyard. He helped us purchase a number of outdoor furniture, also bought a small tea table, the layout of the entire space quite fun, but also very comfortable. Now in addition to fixed monthly gatherings, even to the middle of the night, and I like to drink tea in the courtyard, and a good friend to chat, you are much better friends than before

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