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April 11, 2017

Our trip to the beach, beach sofa is a necessity, you can sunbathe


We arrived in the back of Samara after our great day, viewing on the Ostional Bay Beach with the sea turtles. Sirs: We are so exhausted, we retired to go to bed early, but during the morning early hours in the beach sofa from a wake, and feel a couple of big tremor – … Oh, dear, they must be less than our world around! , We learned later, it has a magnitude of 5.3, and is eight miles northeast of the town of the melon Keya on centered, and is about 22 miles, away from Samara. Of the epicenter of the surface as well as in the following, and there were no personal injury or adverse report of damage to the safety of, and – thank goodness. Janice our host said, they have indeed been very lucky during September day earthquake, falling more than into the fence outside the Lodge is only the amount of the statue life in one. Her of the neighbors have not been so lucky, and has suffered a large number of the homes in the hills nearby as well as a few of the tourist hotels damage. Locals (local variables) in the said island, which is near the offshore Samara apparently has been increased: after the earthquake with the grading, and the region’s increase with tide, the receding further out much.we hope that we will not be any more of the earthquake
Tetranychus Squirrelfollowing color combinations on around us in our journey, as we have had a of the fair share of ….. This is the fourth of the country: in where we experienced this terrible of a force of nature; New New Zealand, Australia and Sri Lanka Lanka …………. now Costa Rica. , You might as well ask the where we are under the heading of the . beach sofa………..

We spent a pleasant few days walking on the beach in Samara, and through the village, chatting to locals and tourists, everyone is so friendly. One day, we turned from the beach inland, and passed through a small small village, and started chatting to this guy from California, and was living in long-term CR long. Taking one photo of the overhead cable on a poor electrocuted howler monkeys, the Home Affairs Department itself, he was standing on a dirt track on the article. He had just been called authorities, in order to get it removed, as he is worried that this will start to smell, and it is right next to his home. A police officer, he is a retired, and spending a couple of current week days, sons and daughters is also teaching the local English, he said, and he is also the benefit learn a lot from children, as well as to improve his Spanish, as well. He gave us some useful for travel on, around CR tips
Fishing Samara Beachwhich, and should be useful as it’s not easy to plan the way around the country. , We walked back to our Lodge is via the road that day, and as we began to walk down this hill disclose, we noticed an edging them the way up the hill with them The triangle is a contact leaves the leaf cutting ant colony – until they have gone so far, and we have to follow all the way down the hill behind them Bush in – there must have been their tens of thousands.

This is great, we have included in their own subdirectory under accommodation, and we shopped, and trials with different food (looked fresh that is who). We really like the black of the beans, and I even started to eat a lot of rice! Day, we were really pleased when we found some fresh lettuce – it’s weird what can inspire you …, we also found a small bakery shop in the middle of nowhere (near the one we are still closed for the holidays), in one of our walks, and bring some lovely the bread, and treat ourselves to a cake – not always be sure what it is, but it is like a viscosity of bread pudding. Corn (cakes with grain) – delicious.

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