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August 6, 2017

Now popular the china garden furniture, home to a Chinese-style decoration you want?


You may be familiar with the concept of the tubular stool. Decorative accessories, they are very popular for families of all styles. Most of them are in the living room seat, side table, or just as an ornament. But few people know where these accessories from.The barrel-shaped ceramic stools from china garden furniture, they are the original garden stool.

Contemporary white and gray bathroom has a black tubular stool

They have more than a thousand years, it may be they have evolved a traditional Buddhist garden. Tradition, the use of natural elements, such as tree stumps and rocks, because the seat. The garden is a very important part of all Chinese families. The houses were traditionally built around courtyards with outdoor connection is very important. This means that the outdoor china garden furniture is very important.

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