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March 8, 2017

My favorite Beach chair, folding beach chairs, convenient and practical!

I walked in and found a green Beach chair. Same. It sank to the curves of the body, any organization. Slip back, I sat down on two legs. I see. His movements, gently nodded, slightly shaking, there is no invasion of the air around his head, his rock. I see. He returned to my side, smooth, clean, freckles, smiling voice, to invite them to move their practices. I see.

He listened. I smile, do not know what he was thinking, that moment, his handsome form immersed in exciting rhythm fills the entire room. In just a few hours ago, his emotional body writhing to the beat of time, my heart, our skin merging, folding, expand, a symbiosis of melody, stir our moaning tone. He groans. We integration. We establish a symbiotic life forms. Forget where he began and I ended. We groan.

The image is clear, because he turned into a CD slot. Only then, I realized that he did not know where I was. He’s the rock. I smile. Move his body, he tilted his head, I do not know, do not know what it? He wanted to know what, he just chose the tune. He tilted his head, his mouth twitching of the right to change the melody, sitting in the back to listen. He did not move.

Then, I took one of his songs, began to slide into my soul, to distract me from the beautiful shape, sitting in front of me, quietly enjoy their own space transfer. A space, he did not know that I also lived. This is symbiotic. Things between us, do not speak. It is quiet. He leaned back in his chair, no movement, just listen. I’m listening. The adjustment is slow, easy, instrumental, but then floating the flute, require our notes from the sea. We listen. He still does not know I shared space and fun tune.

Nearly 20 minutes had passed. He turned around, picked up a file and began to read, and almost all forms of the face I. He read, listen to, but did not see me, sitting there in the green Beach chair, unmoved, but his presence. He did not see me. However, just looked up, I can easily see. He did not see me. His space is uninterrupted. I smile. I share the moment, a natural moment, he is. He was his whole self. I seized the moment. I said. “What is the name of that song?”

His eyes the door, I do not exist, then the search of the sound source. He saw me, sat there, unmoved, but raised his voice. “Wow, I did not know you were there. How long have you been sitting there?”

His voice touched. His form, his smile touched the easiest way, he said. His method is simple. His pleasant surprise in front of me. I smile. We say. Keep calm and simple space. But some things away. His loneliness away. Out of the room, my voice into space. It is still easy, but different. We say. I smile. While sitting in beach chairs on the greens.

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