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March 12, 2017

Metal furniture can also be bad repair, wooden furniture not wooden furniture, metal furniture will gradually replace


I recently bought a couple pieces of metal, and I want to start work soon. Medical cabinet vintage metal and metal exam / shop stool, both the upper and lower 50’s. The top of the stool is very rusty, but it is free, so any improvement gravy, I think, this will be a good test. Cabinet is in very good condition, in a couple of spots, some small bells and a few spots of paint is scraped some minor surface rust. In addition, both sides of the new metal furniture. I’ve seen some of the tools, auto parts store, should be pulled out depression. Does anyone have any experience of these? They work? In addition, it seems to be factory paint, which is generally on the roast. I reamalgamated stains, but I would like to know if this is possible paint, if it is possible with the factory paint? Finally, no one knows a good forum specifically for furniture repair? Bonuses, if they include the metal. Here are two. Harvey (my dog) adhere to the pictures on the chair.

Interesting updated. When I have a good look, which I have seen, it is actually a different color, and gray is not original. It would have been a beige-ish brown. I put it outside with a clean, washing soda and a 0000 steel wool pad. Most gray paint holding, do not know what I would do with it, but in my heart, I saw the original label clearly painted metal furniture. I scrub the paint off and see the FPI in 1966. I looked up and FPI, on behalf of the Federal Prison Industries, therefore, it is clearly in the prison shop. Another interesting, the FPI is still in commercial and they sell government agencies, it is not commercially available.

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