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July 15, 2016

Make your hotel tropical style and unique with rattan furnitures

    Rattan furniture, light and tough, Advantages: cool, moisture absorbing, natural ventilation.
    Because the characteristics of rattan furniture for customers to fully experience the tropical atmosphere
    Rattan Furniture softness fully reflected in the irregular shape of the curve and the beauty, the traditional alternatives to furniture. Past rattan furniture gives the impression that the surface is often rough and susceptible to insects, the rattan furniture is now in the production process as early as B to overcome these shortcomings, the material was fine after processing, but also through the ultraviolet radiation disinfection , vapor heat treatment, it has mold decay and health characteristics, and thus compared to those leather, fabric wood furniture, rattan furniture, is a more environmentally conscious, there is no contamination that many home improvement, from formaldehyde, benzene, more not afraid of termites.
    Maintenance is also easy to become the darling of the rattan furniture, sofa comfortable and natural, but once dirty, cleaning it is very troublesome, it is difficult to restore their original bright colors, leather furniture polish on a regular basis for just inevitable, and rattan furniture care is relatively much easier, simply wipe the surface can be timely.
    Rattan Furniture Another advantage lies in its breathable, feel fresh, pristine air vine qualities help soothe the nerves, in the bedroom if you use rattan furniture as much as a great benefit for sleep, an elegant rattan bed, accompanied by fine rattan bed cabinet, rattan bed lamp, adding a two basins of small green plants, a small field of view will be fresh in front of people quickly

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