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April 8, 2016

Light rustic outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy the natural rustic charm

     Light rustic outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy the natural rustic charm
This summer, Sunstyle hymns was the first time the world’s top outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture, Dedon into the Chinese market, immediately causing an uproar, but soon has numerous “fan.” People are very curious about why these “cane” furniture is the crown on the “outdoor” in the name of increased sharply immediately worth? These have “outdoor” in the name of the furniture, in addition to design exquisite addition, in the end, what charm?
      The design by the Dutch avant-garde designers FrankLigthart the Obelisk, removable into four seats and 1 coffee table, together is a cone, and fully meet consumer demand for functional and user-friendly.

Dedon designers this year, very happy, because their designs Orbit (O Beit sofa) in the World Cup on the severely fire — a lot of competition in the open waiting for people to carry Orbit, even in the hot sun , but also lying on the sofa waiting for a leisurely start of the race.

The hottest during the World Cup Orbit sofa, its shell-like shape, the ability to move fast and convenient, user-friendly design and shade designed according to ergonomic chairs represent a common feature of outdoor furniture.

The most important materials and outdoor furniture frames

And indoor furniture than the most prominent feature of outdoor furniture is the use of materials and internal frame structure. outdoor furniture consider UV, high moderate low temperature, climate and humidity changes, weak acid weak base erosion on the furniture, so, for outdoor furniture , in choice of materials to take full account of its vulnerability to natural climatic conditions of outdoor tolerance.

Select the internal framework of furniture is an important aspect of the use of light alloy material, easy to move in the open layout is the primary factor; In addition, the metal frame of the best outdoor furniture , molding, and to minimize the spot, are so beneficial to remain firm while reducing the external effects of natural conditions, causing deformation.

“Fake rattan” to create a natural and simple

Many Dedon outdoor furniture on the outside wind and rain, winter heat can keep the life experience, the secret lies in the material that looks like a rattan cane in fact, not really, but an improved polymerization materials, but did “real ones”, people have a natural rustic feel.

This is also a common pursuit of outdoor furniture , Dedon Leaf — designer FrankLigthart design has won two international awards that a large leaf shape of the chair, the same natural and full of rustic charm.

The chair called the Leaf’s won two international awards, big leaf shape is designed to be consistent with the body curve.

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