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April 9, 2016

Life more comfortable with outdoor furniture

    Balconies, terraces, roof garden … … more and more families of Patio space for people to no longer satisfied with the indoor closed space, Patio space will be dressed as a private space to become the second choice of most people, but this time, outdoor rattan Become the inevitable choice of furniture and embodies the kind of life people to relax.
      It is understood that a wide variety of outdoor furniture available in the market now, so the choice, the need to spend more time, so only choose right, do not choose the expensive, specific types can be divided into:Permanently fixed: wooden booths, tents, rattan furniture, outdoor furniture… …
      Such selection of quality wood furniture generally has good corrosion resistance, weight emphasis, long on the outside. More suitable for larger gardens or a balcony area.
       Removable Type: folding wooden chairs, tables, chairs … … Teslin
       The characteristics of these products is collapsible, flexible, can be placed outdoors when necessary, can be put away when not in use. So do not worry about the sun and rain, not too much to consider strong and corrosion performance.
      Can carry type: sun umbrella, cane chairs, small dining table Patio furniture … …
       Such furniture is generally made ​​of aluminum alloy, made ​​of cast aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, spring is coming, put BBQ, picnic on the terrace to experience the feeling should be a different kind of taste.

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