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April 5, 2016

The latest furniture design trends, the confusion inside and outside the “inner garden” furniture

If ten years ago, the outdoor picnic tables and chairs on the living room, everyone will challenge your taste; Or, to leather seats on the terrace,rattan living room sets, I am afraid the neighbors will think you want to start home improvements it! So if you happen to have a house with a garden or balcony, basically the designer will recommend you repairing the two sets of outdoor and indoor furniture, but it is also an area of ​​only a waste of money, after all, can not throughout the year outside barbecue.
The past two years, designers used new materials and new technologies, developed a series of indoor and outdoor features a mix of outdoor furniture, “the garden as a living room, moved to the courtyard to the living room” is becoming the latest decorating trends. In this year’s Milan and Paris Furniture Fair, the major brands of outdoor furniture is still in accordance with the practice will be a separate exhibition, and we find either design or materials, Patio Furnitures and indoor furniture, these boundaries are becoming increasingly blend. Beautiful and understated harmony with Patio Furnitures can now be any space, they are either afraid of the wind and rain on the outside, a lot of avant-garde design is also suitable for different styles of fashion interior space.
Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola women as early as the B & B italia last year, the first Patio Furnitures design when it was predicted this trend, this year she designed for the Moroso “Tropicalia” (tropical) seats, the use of black and white or color The transparent plastic woven rope, concise and eye-catching, no one can just put it on the sun terrace; French design “Naughty” Pilippe Starck has been very good seat with a plastic material design, Kartell and XO in our can find many similar examples, colored plastic material to give a more colorful look of Patio Furnitures.
In color, in addition to the eternal black and white and enthusiasm of the color series, this year can not ignore popular because of its unique natural attributes favored by the designers green green and elegant wood color, how many of today of the popular climate of environmental design to be associated. Most furniture in wood color wood with a high production, wood processing, without the texture of painting with Jiangxinduju design, not so much Patio Furnitures, as it is an extension of the outdoor atmosphere to the home of the wonderful good design. In fact, in southern China and Southeast Asia, have long been the designer to use natural materials – rattan and bamboo to make furniture. Furniture designer from the Philippines, Kenneth Cobonpue design is to rattan furniture and famous. His design sensibility elegant, memorable, and after water treatment, the rattan furniture can also be used outdoors, especially for hot and humid areas.
In the material, in addition to the traditional Patio Furnitures for the production of metal and plastic materials, as well as natural materials mentioned above, the glass, ceramic or specially treated paper that can be used to make should be advised to outside patio furniture inside. So this season, you are still using old-fashioned poolside white plastic chair it? Quickly replaced with beautiful lines of the “inner courtyard” furniture, so your home to circulate from the inside out!

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