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April 1, 2016

About Indonesia rattan

 Cane is grown in tropical forests and spiny palm climbers, there are 13 genera, of which 600 known species.
Although many kinds of vines. But the real rattan furniture suitable for processing into a narrow range, I have excellent rattan living together with you to understand the best natural raw materials, rattan furniture – rattan in Indonesia. Indonesia on the equator, is a typical tropical climate, abundant sunshine and rainfall all year round, every corner of the islands are volcanic ash left after the outbreak is very fertile. In this unique natural conditions, the growth of the vine is very full and well-proportioned, stout and most up to 6 cm thick rattan, rattan can be up to over 180 meters. Very suitable for rattan furniture.
Kalimantan is Indonesia’s main producing raw rattan. Indonesia has long been banned export of raw rattan, also makes Taiwan, enterprises with advanced technology can only be set up factories in Indonesia to promote Indonesia’s rattan furniture industry. In recent years, Indonesia Rattan exports gradually relaxed, but in order to protect their own resources, there are still many limitations.
Since the last century, due to the sharp decline in domestic rattan raw materials, mainly from Indonesia and a handful of relying on imported raw materials in Southeast Asia. The use of the traditional processing technology to produce bedroom, living room, study, rattan furniture, rattan furniture, technology and strong, practical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, naturally. People who adapt to the traditional and modern furniture and practical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic harmless, natural request. Has spread to all segments of the population. And an export to Europe, Hong Kong, Macao’s main product areas of furniture.
Rattan is the art of the short cane, rattan as raw materials, processed into a unique style, with artistic content of art. From the selection, cutting, bending, frame molding, polishing, weaving, painting and other links to the surface is very elegant, at present, rattan furniture, the main process by experienced, professional craftsmen borrowed ingenuity simple hand tools to complete the processing , so called rattan handicrafts, each product has the basic characteristics of the natural, while agglutination with the designers and craftsmen of the thoughts, feelings, artistic content.
Rattan furniture for its natural freshness, but also reverting to simplicity, environmental health, quality casual, durable, cool and other notable features are the majority of people understand, accepted and respected, into millions of households
Indonesian rattan furniture can be washed, not long-term flooding or high temperature baking; use strictly away from the weapon; moving furniture underpinning should be moved, not dragged Health and pull; furniture placement should be kept level, on the contrary easily deformed; do not rattan furniture jumping.
Use of time in a long time, may produce a small amount of loose parts bag rattan, cement glue loose parts can be powerful; caused due to chronic damp mildew, mold parts with a soft brush to wipe, in the sun for 30 minutes; Tengpi scraping the surface of flower, will be scratched parts car wax waxing approach.
    If you care to use properly, especially in Indonesia rattan chair rattan surface color will become bright red, life in general in 50 years.
My main priority rattan leisure rattan furniture, home products, including natural and other man-made imitation of Indonesia, rattan cane, please choose different details, please contact customer service online.

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