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April 14, 2017

I find the experience of Beach chair! I was lucky enough to find a good site!


I struggled with the mouse pad on my laptop, I realized all ironically. Here, I’m looking for my “on a beach chair, I will buy something, I tried to escape me and my bulldog snoring after awkard smile from me to continue to the electronic shop windows global supply Beach chair s.

“Eureka!” He exclaimed with great prosperity.

I found it. To the end of the query. I found the perfect beach chair, I will buy my chair on the beach. So why this beach chairs, to me is important to you? Thank you for the invitation, so I’ll share. This is not just a chair, but also a symbol of achievement beach chairs. This is a personal token or a statement I made. This is the last “to do” items in my peverbial’s laundry list of things to do in life. Bucket List on the last inspection. It’s the end of the game we call life.

I am also the God of his own life, my country, my family and my compatriots. I hope to exhaust all the talent and ability, all of yourself to others, only a small selfish thing for me. Beach chairs. Beach chair, margarita, a blank book, I eagerly await to fill it with random a half drunk sketches and memory, perhaps in haiku format. Three sentences, 5,7,5, free of spelling and grammatical errors. My beach chair next step will be another beach chair, the filled nastogically years old classic and timeless woman, my partner in crime, my shrimp boat captain, my rice noodles to my changa my wife .

Sidebar, my wife is the first person I ever fell in love with. I was abandoned at birth and grew up in a hospital, and by parents at 5 years of age in the United States. 5 years old, my adopted sister’s best friend came to my house and I remember her sitting across from me on the carpet. I remember her hair, which is big in those days (my 80’s), I remember she had a purple sweater. Now, this is a my earliest memories in life and the way she talks makes me feel love, perhaps for the first time in my life. The good life, I have a lot of women, but I never committed any desire. In fact, I was chosen as the most likely never to get married, do not get me wrong, I am still a ladies man. For those who know Fonzy. Anyway, July 5 I was 28, I have one in my home in San Marcos seven parts. I invited my sister and her bring her best friend from her childhood days. I have no furniture in my house, because I just moved into it. So we are 23 years later, sitting on the floor, talking. Graduated from the University of California, Davis took me 30 days of work, and she was in Sacramento for Oracle work to go and stay with her. A few months later, she moved into the year we got married. She saved my life. I realized that I do in life it MENT, because I do not have her share.

Therefore, back up the Beach chair. Me, my beach chair, my wife, Margaret, his stomach a shrimp on the beach … I want to Puerto Vallarta, where shops and streets from the beach, bright yellow walls, sculptures and sidewalk artists to display their works are separated so on. There, I will watch, as well as, I think I’ve done all the things in life. Where I would want if I have my life back alive, I can all make the same mistake, because in the end, it let me here. I the idea inturrpted of phone ringtones, watching the wheels by John Lennon and my wife answered the phone. Our son said that he loved us and miss us, and tell us what he is doing and how our children are doing in life of all the wonderful things. In my mind, pretty boy, I will sing John Lennon and memory when he was a child, when we ran on the beach flying kite. I would sing loudly, the two of us Beatles, because I think of the road we have traveled together. The phone will be the end, my wife and I looked at each other, smiling but maybe cry a little. The phone rings again ringtone will be you and me Jason MARZ and our daughter called to tell us that she loved us, miss us, she would tell us how much love we and our Grandkids. In my soul, I can hear this song, I was you Jason – MARZ However, when I heard the voice of Sofia, her 4-year-old to sing to me. I want to daydream, how she would pinch me, Anissa, and appeal to everyone’s lovely, so little room, and how she would get angry when I really want to embrace Anissa, because she is so jelous people love her mother. sound track to the end of the phone will, I will reach my hand, she and my wife, I will laugh through the tears, then take a look at the ocean this song in our hearts, will be hit by Jason MARZ lucky. our lives.

At this point in my life, will eventually check my Bucket List with my wife at my side, I’ll sit there, waiting to die of old age. Wait for God to take me back, smiled and said, “Well done,”. Beach chair is my boat, I transport my final resting place, in the last leg of a person’s life. If I close my eyes, tight, tight see spots and star point in the past, I can almost see myself sitting in the beach chair. I can the mystery of her songs by Van Morrison, I am very pleased.

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