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March 25, 2017

I believe that you must see a lot of you have never seen wicker lounger, because they are very special!


Summer is coming (not fast enough), and it’s time to start thinking wandering around in the backyard. Most plastic furniture is terrible, the question is, rattan furniture is so beyond last year – it almost does not even last century.

However, this is not the  . From PIE (Project Import Export) manic mind with a spoon lounge, sushi sofa bed and Tonecoon the name, such as organic objects look like they sprung up out of the soil samples the giant wickery mushrooms.

Tonecoon loungers. The design Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta. Through PIE manufacturing.

Sribyatta, the architect-turned-furniture designer who conceived the line, Bannavis Andrew said he wanted to explore the final concept of the complexity of the nature of the relationship of living space. A look at his manic knitting handmade crafts, you will agree with him to achieve this goal. There are many other people have noted, from the Cooper – Hewitt National Design Museum (Design Museum), Sundance Channel, its habitat display, big ideas, small planet, some PIE in April.

PE (upper left), some of the new products from PIE: Spaghetti, and wicker lounger e PE (bottom right).

As a bonus, these materials are sustainable. Not only the PIE work and usually the vine, liana and bamboo, but they also woven water hyacinth invasion, a notorious waterway fouling weeds. You will be glad to know, its toughness and flexibility, so that a strong, long-term wearing furniture material.

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