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January 11, 2017

How to make the metal furniture you like new? Step-by-step to teach you how to care!


A restored and newly painted metal furniture instantly make your garden a new look and a fresh appeal. Restore and paint your old metal patio furniture, seems to be a difficult task, especially if your furniture is rusty, weathered, very beautiful, like wrought iron metal. However, due to the latest technological developments in painting, restoring old <metal furniture than you might imagine it easier, you can even do a weekend project. There is no need to throw away your old furniture and replace it with a new set of expensive. This article explains what rust, as well as how to deal with it, step-by-step guide to restore and re-drawn metal patio furniture. How convenient, you will be impressed to meet this weekend project.

1. About Rust

First of all, let us with anti-rust treatment. Most metal furniture will eventually rust, especially if it is like one in your yard, garden or balcony. Exposed to the sun and rain, faded paint metal patio furniture can look very tired. Even if a small amount of iron, and, if it contains metal will oxidize when exposed to air and moisture. Rust easily formed to reduce the appearance of your outdoor furniture. Oxidation of iron and steel is easy to spot. It is identified by the tendency of the reddish-brown powder or flake off. Hard foam, anti-rust paint create lesions eventually evolve into, corrosion of metal until it is crushed. Rusty <metal furniture, it is the best, as long as you can handle it.

2. Prepare your metal furniture

The first step is as much rust cleaning. Large wire brush start brushing along the surface of the metal furniture. Hard brush. Do not worry, this will not hurt the good old paint of steel with the following, but doing so will remove loose old paint and rust piece. Attempt to remove the items already begun peeling paint or rust from as much as possible of the metal surface. This will give you a smooth surface to be redrawn. You will see a lot of scratches on the paint, but the new metallic paint hides a lot of those defects. Smaller (like an inch long head) stainless steel wire brush in tight spots. If necessary, use a small file very tight spots, or even a Dremel. You can buy a variety of brushes and files from your favorite hardware store.

The above steps to manually remove the rust and old paint metal furniture. If you choose to use a rust remover product, then do the proper safety equipment and precautions. These products are dependent on some form of acid to get the job done, and most are highly toxic. Wear safety glasses and a breathing mask. This is to protect your eyes and mouth from nasty fumes. Wear protective clothing and gloves. Make sure you have adequate ventilation. Always follow the directions and precautions on the label very carefully.

The easiest way for you to choose rust.

To clean up the dust, residue and the surface of the the remaining abrasive metal furniture is old paint brush, the brush-off. Clean with a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and a small amount of detergent, but not too wet metal. Dry immediately with a clean, dry rag. Adhere to good primer and top coat must be completely clean metal surfaces.

3. Premier metal and rust protection

Especially applicable to the type of the outdoor metal primer and topcoat use. The heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings are waterproof and last for years. The oil-based rust primer is best. Make sure the paint container phrase “rust inhibitor can ask the seller if you have any questions.

Combined with metal primer designed, and to prevent moisture from entering it and re-rust, will react with the rust, the formation of ferrous oxide to package and significantly delay the corrosion growth.

Sheets of old newspaper to protect your work surface furniture. Newspaper layer to layer 3 layers, each layer of tape on a work surface. The paint overflow, the additional protection. Shaking a can of spray paint vigorously and began spraying, held about six inches of the surface of the furniture. First determine the hard to reach areas and a small amount of paint sprayed. This will ensure that all surfaces of the coated and you will not miss any of the “hidden” area. The top of the furniture. This will prevent any accumulation of the paint droplets.

4. Painting

The primer is completely dry, your furniture can be coated with a paint color. Apply several thin coats of paint rather than spraying a thick coat impatiently. Be sure to let each layer to dry completely and then move to the next coating. Follow the coats of paint, or instructions that can greatly reduce the length of time between their effectiveness on the paint container. Before the first application of a dry, may result in additional coats of paint blistering, cracking, crazing, paint.

Furniture with spray paint or painting with a brush. When it comes to the cast or forged steel metal, you get your outdoor furniture, paint thickness and weight. Therefore, it is easy to spray, it will last longer if you brush. From the hardware store for a sturdy brush paint metal patio furniture. With a small brush and ornate metal products.

After the completion of the restoration projects, now is the time to sit down and enjoy the feelings of the meet. The job done right, is definitely worth doing, especially if it can help transform eye sore into a new look worthy of admiration metal patio furniture.

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