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June 14, 2016

How to get in outdoor furniture business on internet?

According to online sales growth for the network marketing strengths and weaknesses, furniture vendors should understand the following aspects Internet sales, and targeted to prepare:
1) The need for a successful network marketing integrity
Needs of the market integrity, Internet sales market needs more integrity. As the rapid development of Internet technology, network marketing related laws and regulations exists in the absence of the phenomenon, and because the traditional commodity market integrity on the prevalence of people on the network marketing there is greater concern, and even doubt. Therefore, how to create a market economy in the network integrity of the image, the concept of good faith into the real actual Internet sales in every aspect of operations, and long maintained, is the distributor network a key factor in sales success.
2) technical sales and services to improve information communication network functions
According to Jupiter’s research, more than 90 percent of online customers prefer to interact through some online shopping.
For example, Lands’ End is a company in the clothing, luggage and daily veteran leading U.S. retailers, mail order catalog business in the past has carried out, and special attention and communication between the customer, in addition to opening 800 number for customer inquiries , there are specialized consultants to provide customers with shopping advice. With the increasing development of Internet technology, launched on the Internet around the clock customer interactive services will be a natural choice. The company in addition to product information through the network show, but also provide real-time, personalized interactive shopping guide service, and “everyone shopping ‘(allows online customers to pay different locations light) system. These technologies and services to enhance the consumer shopping experience, expert shopping guide on the website through online chat to help you find the goods they want. Customers can also set their own 3D model, size, and then put on clothes to see the visual effect. Through the use of interactive technologies and services more than once within a year to achieve online sales soared 300% breakthrough, the company’s president of e-commerce Brass said: “The Internet provides a communication channel and the company’s global scope, reducing the the cost of expanding global business. “Thus, the network of furniture sales, in addition to conventional technology through pictures, video and text information of furniture product development approach to all aspects of the real information other than full pass, but also for video, audio and text etc. way to communicate both with consumers, and consumers horizontal communication technologies and services, thereby enhancing the consumer shopping experience and improve the online shopping consumer decision-making may be decision-making.
3) information protection
Consumers to make Internet purchasing decisions, you need some personal information to the network marketer, this information often is mainly to ensure normal delivery of products to consumers, so Internet sales to consumers who bear the personal information protection obligations. The need for information protection is also largely reflected in the network of sellers of products by competitors free access to information on the risks. Because the Internet is convenient, easy to get new furniture competitor product information, and take the imitation or other competitive strategies. Therefore, the network product sales are in addition to free the necessary intellectual property protection, we must also strengthen the network of consumer product management at different levels and the free dissemination of information on the new management to minimize the effective information disclosure.
4) logistics support system
Domestic logistics companies, courier and export freight forwarding company’s maturing business development, sales network and logistics companies were established through long-term relationships, as well as in the purchase of related insurance under the premise that consumers in large part to ensure Internet ordering furniture on-time delivery, logistics process and avoid furniture damage due to unnecessary losses. In addition, Internet sales are through the relevant commitment to ensure that online shoppers in the furniture delivery within a certain time after the furniture returned the rights, but also to dispel the concerns of online consumers, safeguard the interests of consumers.
5) price competition is always a useful weapon
None other businesses, consumers will never forget. Instead of spending money for advertising to promote large-scale, not as good as these profits to consumers. As the network marketing with sales greater than the cost of traditional stores, and therefore, there is the sales price advantage. United States, a famous marketing expert, said: “There are 5 cents difference, it is better than any strategy”, the price war will be the network vendors to challenge the traditional vendors of the most powerful weapon. Of course, the method does not only promote the sale price, quality, service, brand and customers are all the same mastery of psychological impact on sales.
6) strengthening the internal management
Corporate network via the Internet furniture sales should also formulate a comprehensive trade norms, and the product, price, packaging, transportation, insurance, payment and after-sales service and so clearly the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers, to regulate conduct of the parties to maintain the interests of both purposes. Such as domestic operations more successful online trading platform “Ali Baba”, with its standard trading rules and ease of use, the company is currently in the repository has more than 50 million records, 31 kinds of major information categories, in addition to including a variety of industry products, but also includes a project cooperation, transfer of used equipment, etc., foreign and domestic enterprises on the information in this platform to search. The trading platform technical support for online buyers and sellers trade negotiations, which greatly promoted the success of the transaction. “Ali Baba” by virtue of its size has been self-styled “world’s largest online trading market”, furniture manufacturers and vendors can become a member of Alibaba, to use the trading platform network sales. In addition to selling products online-based, more successful large Web site as well as “Joyo”, “Dangdang”, “Taobao”, etc., their management and trading rules are worthy of furniture manufacturers and distributors in the network sales process to learn from.
While the total words, with the Internet technology development, with information on the Internet with fast, content rich, interactive, easy and low cost search, and now has more than 100 million Internet users and the user base is still more than 20% in the growing broad-based, with books, audio-visual products as well as department stores and other goods for the increasing popularity of Internet sales, furniture sales network through the Internet will become the domestic furniture sales a sales form. Thus, the domestic furniture manufacturers and furniture dealers should conform to this trend, the traditional sales model, while actively exploring furniture network marketing.

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