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May 28, 2016

How to buy rattan furnitures

Although there are many types of furniture in the market, such as wood, plastic, vinyl, etc., but, rattan furniture is still popular, especially in tropical areas, where vines can be grown in the country. The reason is that rattan furniture is still popular because of its texture, characteristics and design, and rattan furniture can be used with the house style of the decoration is unique.

Rattan furniture on the market today, the design and colors. In addition, there are many different ways, such as death, spray coating method or the natural color of color died, including buyers can choose to meet their needs. In addition, if you are a rattan sofa, when you can choose something made from a sponge-type materials or kapok. However, you should be careful when you select rattan furniture rattan texture itself, which may have mold and rot.

Another type of rattan furniture, which is very popular for a dresser (with mirror). You must ensure that the mirror solid furniture installation. You can gently push the mirror, not boom. If so, which is very harmful, when you put a heavy thing, the mirror may be cracked or broken. In addition to the design of rattan furniture is very flexible. You do not always have to be completed by rattan furniture, because sometimes you can, but only with other furniture, rattan furniture assembly, you are currently using part of the home.

How to choose

If you are using a rattan chair, make sure you use them cushion. If there is a square rattan chair, you should use rubber from. Buy rattan furniture, especially chairs, so you must ensure that all parts assembled a solid, you can gently shake the chair. You should have the choice of chair design competition for your body, you will feel comfortable sitting in a chair.

Check the furniture structure to ensure that the same size furniture Fujieda, and cleverly intertwined, joint fixation and rattan texture should be clean, there is no stain.

How to clean and maintain

The best way to keep rattan furniture with a soft toothbrush or soft piece of cotton to get rid of dust. Or you can use wet cotton pad to pat the dust, in the case, if the furniture is dirty or have stains, you can use soap and water.

If you want to make your rattan furniture is always looking for new and shiny, you applied to the surface of furniture, but do not use the furniture with white paint industry, as it will in a very short time become black. If your furniture has termites, you can get rid of them by using the hole (you can use the syringe into gasoline) gasoline dropped to avoid facing the rattan furniture to strong sunlight.

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