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September 22, 2016

How to buy outdoor furnitures for your home

your good friends. Today, I propose an patio I do HGTV.com. It is a three-minute video recording, to make this space. Watched it watched it to see it here, please watch it, and then read. Or read, and then watch it. I will continue to move forward, to leave this to you. However, if you want to stay away from comments that would be awesome.

OK. Here she is before:

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Welcome to a very happy man very sad backyard. HGTV’s asked me to do two backyard takeover of 1000 yuan. Now, the backyard is not my strong suit, I know a few plants outside, I think looks awesome, so I was a bit intimidated. But this story is about creating an patio space, so I think I can handle. I like the room. Outdoors.

this parameter, it must one day 1000. Here is how turned out:


I call it the ‘Bohemia tree’.

to break:

backyard room requires three important things like indoor:

1. Furniture. obvi. Choose between the patio dining room and an patio living room, in this case, most of them I gave her a round table of an patio living room in the corner seat 4.

2. Lighting. Like an indoor room, you need good lighting. Ideally, this will be more, which also created a ceiling effect, and to help it feel more intimate. In addition, the light evenly mood lighting. (If you have an arbor is ideal). But you hope it will be in the patio space and warm light scattered around you “light” candles.

3. Attachment. Most plants and pillows for patio accessories. I do not have the budget of this space, style and beverage, food, etc., but I think it still felt comfortable and cozy – like an indoor room.

Therefore, to let

start with the Pacific island of inspiration:

the ,

to feel a little “treehouse’-Y, because she lived in the mountains, surrounded by trees, so I want to go with the atmosphere. plus, because I know I want a bright pink color board, which is obviously a very feminine, I would like trees or stumps, will fight back and help it feel more masculine if I use a hot pink palette is truly feminine, white lines or rattan furniture, it may looks really good, but Grandma really crazy, so to balance, I mix the two styles.

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To save money, I would like a bench, because it is like a sofa and a lounge at the same time behavior, not to a peculiar patio sofa expensive way and it has a whimsical, playful, feminine, I love the atmosphere.

, so I found this guy in my players store Lankershim

her $ 200, and 100% of the teak, so be outside year round in the past (especially in Los Angeles) I think I can throw a foam pad and a pile of pillows. This will be super comfortable, very affordable.


and then in the Long Beach flea market, I found that each 30 yuan, these two, which is why they work:

a timber around them as a sofa bed in the same tone. I can not say I have been opposed to the mixed woods, but it does not look good for TV, and mixed woods to see the casual, so I am pleased that the shape does not match necessity, made of wood.

b. they have a large enough scale, balanced on the sofa if I have two small chairs, they would look to the small length sofa opposite to, so these are a wide range of balance

ç they are more feminine shape, balance the masculine rectangular sofa. the easiest way to remember the women and men as women. This means that it has a curve – like a woman and masculine means straight, more square or rectangular – like a man. a balance between the perfect room.

next? carpet:


I love this patio carpet carpet from plant habitats, which is an x ​​9 inches 108 yuan, they have a ton of other really cute patio carpet, too. actually I think if these will be a great children’s playroom, but also because they are made from recycled plastic, so they are virtually indestructible.

You know I love pink, especially TV purpose, you need more color photos than you usually in a photo that white a beautiful room looks completely dead in a video, so that the color of the color you need.

planting: God, They can be annoying expensive. You can literally just flower pots for $ 1,000 a space. so I decided from the flea market a bunch of galvanized bucket.

These are the great, because of their age and their age, more and better color contrast with the hot pink (gray / silver and pink = good cool and warm colors combination), they are for their size, low price They come in all different sizes, so you can collect to the feeling of the price I bought for $ 150, of which about 20 – some great and some small.

but you must be at the bottom drill holes, so that they can be ranked, you only need a drill, is designed for metal if they put a 2-3 hole in the bottom of the small and you do not want too many holes, because you do not want excessive loss, they lost all water.

I strongly recommend to buy second-hand new shiny just beautiful, they are not contrary, to look at this:

cheap and beautiful and it looks like the collection, effortlessly, and completely chic – and do not look tedious and tense. I love the English countryside atmosphere.

light: When the suspected ‘Internet cafe’ style global string lights., They can be expensive (about $ 15-20 a chain In this case, we need to share), but they are durable (especially if you live in Los Angeles), and gave a great light of their European cafe happened.

I bought a Lowe’s mine, but I know, Costplus good, so if you want a larger and higher end of the recovery hardware.

,, I then use a hook. these concerns to ensure that it mountain:


and eye hook (opening), install it into the roof of the house:


This is super easy.


look low hillside, but it is not – it cleared the 61/2 feet



why? added to the atmosphere of the tree to masculinize space. because they are interesting. but the mostly , because they are a 5 yuan. “M was not joking. Were 10, but I bought them for $ 50 (about 8). You can use the table, extra seating and plant stand.

the ALT =””/>,



I went to the Alps in Altadena. It is basically a guy get off the tree into the wood to become trees. Do not worry, they do not just cut down trees, trees for firewood must be cleared of construction or engineering, you obviously need to find a level table or stool into

, and you watch the video, I put some casters, because They are? Super super super heavy

This is super easy. Only buy these guys every stump 3:

a tree stump drilling and screw in.

these sucker

I bought them small enough, you can not really see them. They are not very attractive, so if you do not think you will need to move it, then do not worry about it. But overall, I put casters on a lot of things, you can let them (like an ordinary chair into a dining chair).

small dining corner is very cute. I used the homeowner dining table and chairs, but it tablecloth fabric (leftover from my inventory). Ignores the pillow. The director wanted more color there, but they are not ideal – they seem crowded.

also dirt patch, I do not know how to solve:

This is embarrassing and sad. Wicker set aside the things that have taken note of the update of a white exterior paint.

so I am filled with lavender. Lavender is a cheap ($ 5.00), taste so good, it does not require any maintenance frenzied growth. The next summer, this will be a huge field of lavender (but contained), and will smell soooo good. They are also very drought, which is obviously in Los Angeles. They look a little Dicky here, but next year will be beautiful.

as far to buy the rest of the plant, I would like a variety of colors, shapes and textures – just like any other design. I would like something tall to help it create a “room” effect, so I bought these fruit trees:

orange trees and lemon trees, if you put them in a large galvanized bucket they will be just fine.

a simple rule will have one high and one thick and one below the ground a little to cover up other pots for the collection of plants to see. With some dark purple leaves, some are more slender and some witty graphic leaf. – You want to change to consider the model plant (leaf ventilation bundle graphic leaf) the size and texture of each plant has been a lot of contrast, look for intentionally.



we can not afford to Sunbrella fabric, which is obviously the idea. I white linen from IKEA – it is to keep it looking for to really relax, and invited the tour, you can always bleach white, therefore, to some extent the great patios (not waterproof). Then we hit the pillows West Elm

the who chairs usually require custom pieces, but in fact I like a floppy disk and comfortable linen pillow to make it look, and how it can update their bit. This line we use a West Elm pillow. I will tell you: the accessories more than $ 200 budget. However, because the homeowner to get everything is free, she is in love space SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, she insisted that she buy them, instead of returning them (unfortunately, I do plan).

from this


the :

one day, $ 1000 is not bad. In fact, this is awesome, I definitely have a party. It let me know I can do what, $ 5,000 and five days … any candidates?

I do not have one online, too. But I will blog next week. Took on this post, I like 4 hours, so I have to go to work …

Click here to see me in action.

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