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September 16, 2016

How to build your garden leisure life ?

In the garden, garden furniture is a combination of organic elements, their places are generally flat in the shadow of the cases, the border of flowers along the right place, it would have and the perfect blend of flowers and decorative landscape, enhance the atmosphere of the garden of the function.
You can choose to buy ready-made garden, you can own yourself. Sometimes the material, yard seat can be very simple or even “simple”: a few bricks, a piece of thick wood can Dachu bank, placed flat stones can also be adapted to local conditions that the outstanding issues, some old garden seat chair a new look at the painting, or even unexpected results. Of course, if you’re ready to buy garden furniture, garden store, you may have to pay attention to the following two points:
Choosing garden furniture to reference the size of the patio area. Arranged in a narrow garden is a large dining table for eight outdated, this makes the garden look more crowded and narrow. In addition, the modular furniture piece fixed to be more than adequate for the garden, because the combination can be flexible, ready to move. Note that fast-food style tables and chairs furniture piece is not practical, unless you are a dedicated picnic furniture.
Wood furniture usually used wood preservative, pine common past out of the brush is a simple choice of tung oil, and cost cheaper. Wooden furniture is modest and simple in the wild garden material. The iron is more diverse, but is more suited to the arid and dry. Bamboo has a soft texture and natural lines, is best suited for southern gardens, its fiber pores of the largest sand, more to the north of dust is not appropriate, since the latter part of the care and maintenance will be very annoying. plastic garden furniture popular in recent years, but its durability as wood and iron, as sun exposure, but few are lost original color.

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