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June 15, 2016

Hotel furnitures are not the same as home furniture.

Hotel furniture and furniture of distinction

Design difference

Furniture has a distinctive personal touch, based entirely on the owner’s preferences. Hotel furniture should be according to hotel style, though different hotels with different styles, but the design of the furniture should have a widely appealing features. Because to come for the north-south as well as guests from different countries worldwide, so the details in the furniture design but also to focus on humanity, such as: square bedside cabinet made of small rounded as possible, to prevent visitors accidentally bumps head ; some of the power control switch on the man lying in bed as you can reach out touch the place, surface or desk drawer with power outlet, computer network cable socket, in-room look neat and clean, the guests safe and convenient to use; high relatively large number of guest-star hotel in Europe and America, most of them relatively tall stature, some of the bed height may be appropriate to height, sofa, chair, too. Requirements of the hotel furniture lines simple and clean, minimize the use of concave and convex lines, easy to clean waiter; furniture could be considered relatively complex process.

Material difference on the

Hotel furniture, damage to furniture than many civilian guests different levels, the concept of furniture care are inconsistent and therefore require very different materials:

1, the hotel furniture suitable for use with high hardness, wear resistance, anti-planning and good finishes furniture, room coffee table, desk, etc., tend to the guests at this smoke, will not accidentally burn the furniture surface, the design should also consider the table fire performance, fire performance available with decorative materials or glass; and furniture generally do not need this consideration. Chair to consider the fire-retardant fabrics, and furniture do not need this consideration.

2, hotel furniture, waterproof performance is better; and hotel rooms with bathrooms mostly by wet towels, steam, seasonal changes and other effects can cause deformation of furniture, edge off, mildew, etc., affect the appearance of furniture, damage to the hotel the image of a direct impact on hotel occupancy rates; and furniture are relatively low.

The difference between maintenance

Hotel furniture is relatively difficult to maintain furniture, furniture masters are more care of their property, to use more caution, you can every time to the furniture wax; but large hotel furniture cleaning, waxing wood hotel furniture often difficult , such as furniture before Furthermore wax cleaning is not complete, but will make the furniture wax surface blur, reduce clarity, since the furniture wax once more difficult to repair damage, paint, the paint is difficult to adsorption, so the new hotel furniture, try not to wax. The Chiba hotel furniture using solid wood solid wood, no paint process, through a special water treatment, its furniture fire, wear-resistant, waterproof, no wax, easy to maintain. Wood hotel furniture we propose the following steps to do maintenance and cleaning in preparation for two rags, a dry cloth, the other one is a dry rag. (Note: do not be too wet cloth, it is best to clean after the dewatering of wet and dry through the cloth, cotton or silk cloth use cloth towels). When cleaning with a dry cloth to wipe dust, if the stain can be used wet and dry cloth, then rub not clean as can be dipped into the water-soluble cleaners. Wood hotel furniture for a long time, if any errors waxing light phenomenon can be considered: the first with a dry cloth cotton cloth, clean the surface of the finished furniture, furniture wax to give before the dust, or dirt will cause the wax plaques, resulting in scratches. General spray wax, water wax can, but must not use car wax, waxing up to the point to the surface, Deep, gradually, be sure to clean, polish up. The plate Chiba hotel furniture, just use a clean cotton cloth to clean, for cleaning can be difficult to stick with a wet towel to wipe a little detergent, then with a dry towel to dry.

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