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June 14, 2016

Hotel decoration and furniture selections

1, a large number of major cities in China-star hotel, both the hotel planning, architectural design, functional layout to interior style, techniques, materials and even the style rooms are surprisingly similar, leading to weak management, weak competition, and investment to the country side caused a lot of damage. The reason for this, some architectural design for their lack of experience, such as traffic flow line of the organization unreasonable; or attention foreground, light background; also some interior designers irresponsible “ism.” In fact, because every hotel in which the city, region and adjacent buildings, local culture and environment of different owners and hotel management or investment management firms, market positioning of different hotel due entirely different temperament and characteristics. In foreign countries, from the project to build a hotel generally three to five years, owners will usually start and architectural design, hotel design professional company, hotel management companies for market analysis and positioning, and designers must deeply understanding of the hotel’s market positioning, deep study of how to create the hotel’s image and make it fully functional rationalization. In order to create the ultimate success of a hotel. Therefore, we must resolutely oppose plagiarism interior design style, truly different elements according to each hotel to create their own character and image to.

2, attention to interior design wall decoration, and lighting, furniture, art furnishings are pale and weak. This hotel is in the numerous ordinary imagination. This particular hotel building enclosed space, it not only to meet accommodation, catering requirements, but also to meet the conference, business, entertainment, fitness, many needs. Not only is it functional, or spiritual, let the guests settled in the hotel while experiencing cultural and artistic influence of infection, whether for business or holiday, there is a surprising experience, but the source of this experience in addition to decorative treatment of space, the hotel is exquisite lamps, stylish furniture and furnishings of the rich artistic. Hotel space is different from other public buildings, it must have a specific atmosphere: from the color, light texture to the fabric, glass styles require a nap. Most domestic mid-range hotel rooms and even from the lobby to the secondary fire exits be a large number of decorative stone, a wall of high-grade materials, decoration interface is extremely luxurious, but furniture, lamps and handicrafts are extremely poor, so the hotel to talk about what “atmosphere” , where can live up to guests, such as return. Therefore, designers must be reasonable and cost control, focus assist the owners in the hard and soft decoration decorative reasonable allocation, targeted, with limited funds to create the best artistic effect.

3, varied in style, flowers are blooming at the same time will eventually form their own new national characteristics. Hotel design should hold high the green, green, and the banner of sustainable development, adhere to absorb the local, national and folk culture of the parent. The hotel reflects a unique cultural identity, to determine each individual hotel’s image. Therefore, the hotel designers to research the location of “culture”, including the local culture, national culture, historical context, in the original program design, such as accurate, reasonably good location, the hotel’s culture, the hotel has a rich cultural heritage and infinite charm, to bring guests to enjoy not only physical but also emotional, and is spiritual.

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