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June 11, 2016

Hotel apartment room furniture selection should consider the six elements

1, water proof: in the hotel and apartments, often due to water intrusion and moisture damage to the furniture form. Tea dumping, bathroom moisture and water vapor diffuse sauna bath, bath towels, wet contact, seasonal climate and humidity changes, etc., can cause furniture edge exposure, loss, distortion expansion board, veneer cracks, blisters, mildew and other problems, so the purchase of furniture should be a focus of its waterproof function;

2, fire, high temperature: lighted cigarettes, matches, etc. will damage the surface of furniture, serious or even cause a fire, furniture, fire retardant performance can not be ignored;

3, wear: Room conventional equipment such as telephones, ashtrays, cups, lamps, flower pots, laptops, luggage, electric water boiler, etc., in daily use are likely to cause friction with the furniture surface scratches, affect the furniture’s useful life. Furniture board furniture is to determine the wear resistance of the useful life of one of the important factors;

4, green: furniture timber, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glues, paints, etc., will release harmful gases. Hotels and apartments are relatively closed, to stimulate the eyes, noses and gas will directly affect the occupancy rate of rooms, furniture, environmental protection has become a condition of modern hotel guests to choose an important factor;

5, style, style and design: the style and the style of furniture should be in harmony with the decor, luxurious furniture package to avoid the simple decoration or decoration supporting low-end luxury furniture; furniture selection, you should consider the location of hotels and apartments, for customers , room pricing, and investment restrictions should be based on the concept of guest preferences and consumer-centered, rational design of furniture styles and products to make up for the lack of construction and decoration to enhance the grade and characteristics of the hotel;

6, an investment and hedge Time: To ensure that furniture is not due to aging and damage affecting the rate of arrival, the choice of furniture in addition to considering an investment costs, taking into account the time the decoration of furniture during the repeat business invested, should choose not to long-term investment can be repeated to maintain good visual quality, high cost products, while the furniture company gives warranty period should also be considered.

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