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October 5, 2016

Coffee shop with aluminum pe rattan outdoor chairs and tables are good.

SANTA CRUZ – a series of measures against the hustle and bustle of Pacific Avenue could be a quiet place where you will be able to leave and rest routine notice in a cup of tea too. just do not take your phone, laptop, or iPad – Hidden Peak Tea House could be a zone free digital.

“It’s like entering a single country or a unique moment,” said the owner David Wright, 41, a fan of tea for thirteen years, Hidden Peak opened a week with his wife, Marilee.

The couple, who operated a small search area, tea Chaikana-Culture, 9 center, have moved to the Plaza Lane, former home of the fusion of rhythm, an area that is four times larger.

a water slightly effervescent and a palm tree seedling on the covered patio door furnished with a wicker chair and tables. within a teahouse ,300-square-foot security people will be forty. The decor is jap, with a scroll with Chinese characters saying “Go eat tea” and a poem that includes a 500-year-old in connection with the seven bowls of tea.Tables

imported from China are equipped with drains to organize specialty Hidden Peak, exotic teas known as Pu-Erh. this type of tea is pressed into the shape of a brick and ages like wine. A brick, and be priced at $ 10, or $ 7,500 to $ 20,000.

“They claim to age,” Wright said as he poured hot water over a small pot and 2 cups of “Kung Fu” service. “This is about the last seven years.” He said the brick tea is powerful enough to be loaded up to sixty times.”You inspired spill sipper” he added. “It’s very liberating.”

prices for pu-erh range from $ 5 to $ 550 per boat. A bowl of tea house blend is ninety-nine cents. A glass of tea $ 1.99

Wright believes that the experience of drinking tea, “a sacred time,” which should not be interrupted by high-tech devices. It offers users a home library, chess, backgammon and checkers.

Reaction to the free digital policy? “There has been no complaints and plenty of Thanksgiving,” said Wright. He offers nuts, seeds and nuts to accompany the tea, and is the longing for a seller to make tea sandwiches.Clients

taste and buy enough seventy-five teas and teaware bulk buying antiques. A rare piece could be a vessel of 500-year-old shipwrecked tea for $ 70.

The transformed building completed by Slatter, price about $ 22,000, along with a kitchen ad the city needs, new wetlands to accommodate people with disabilities, new floors, windows and doors and contemporary painting. “We are backed by a personal investor,” said Wright. gave credit to his owners, John and Karen Huffman, to invest in building improvements that created feasible Hidden Peak. The name refers to the mountains where tea is grown.

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