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February 9, 2017

Have you ever noticed the rattan chair in your home for a long time did not clean or never clean? Do you know what damage dirty rattan chair it?

Do you know how to look terrible color chairs? Yes, I know. But the harsh truth is that there are children or pets in the home, keep restaurant decoration staining is difficult, especially if your rattan chair, rattan or cane. Think food crushed into the folds of the material – and then dried. Ah, this is a whole new definition of “tough” clean, is not it?
Wicker or cane seat chairs look gorgeous. I love them. However, the truth is, it is a magnet for food or food stuck leak unglued, just makes you want to sell all your restaurant to set up and use the rattan chair. Yes, indeed. I know it. * Smiles **
So you have to sell or change your rattan or wicker dinette? In fact, no.
I can almost hear you sigh of relief!
The solution is to use the cover. But without any cover, and certainly not transparent resin cover. We do not want our restaurant decor looks ugly, is not it?
Enter stylish chair protection rescue
Fortunately for you, you can choose to override President SmartSeat protection of wicker, rattan or cane chairs, to protect them from the leak and food easily, effortlessly.
Is why SmartSeats a good choice? Well, first of all, they gorgeous, stain-resistant, waterproof cover, the most important is that the range of machine washable. So, you should have to spills and stains, all you need to do is to clean, when they really mess washing machine in the pop-up. Despair, you will have a clean cap in no time at all. Very good!
In addition, they look fashion a lovely soft feel and a fantastic hook and the closed-loop system is more and more closely fit to prevent slipping and sliding cover, when children climb in their fabulous color.
More tips to clean wicker, rattan and rattan furniture
Really the best solution in order to maintain its clean washable cover cover the seat of your chair, your wicker or cane dining chairs are dirty, here is some clean tips:
1) scrub with a soft brush and wood oil soap and water solution and gently scrub your rattan chairFresh off.
2) To get the food particles stuck really hard to crack or dirt, hose-directed water use and powerful, and the expulsion of the particles. But must smear towel dry your chair, because water can work miracles, to destroy rattan, wicker, rattan and wood chairs, if you do not sit in them.
Please keep in mind that once you clean up sitting in a chair, must be kept clean by using your SmartSeat cover!
Keep wicker or rattan chairs are easy to clean
The clean stays a thing of the past in food from your chair. Honestly, you have better things to do with your time. Set off more goodies in the kitchen or spend more time with your child. Just want to feel that family meals or entertainment, without the fear of a chair to clean up after, how liberation.
Do you have trouble dining chairs restaurant furniture set kept clean? Or maybe your kitchen bar stools or other type of chair? Smart seat to protect the community on Facebook and share your housekeeping challenge – we will be happy to provide you with our solutions and skills!

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