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March 25, 2017

Have one for your wicker lounger, equivalent to have fun!

The sunny weather, most of us like to spend more time outdoors. Office of tension after a long day to relax or held by friends and neighbors, outdoor areas – such as patio, pool deck or terrace, weekend entertainment ideal place. Whether you have enough space to beautifying and outdoor swimming pools, an outdoor kitchen, a huge garden, shrubs and herbaceous plants, it is a small terrace, you need a good sturdy outdoor furniture.

Both accent seat and coffee table

What kind of furniture in the outdoors, you can use it to do? Usually used in outdoor furniture, wood, metal, wood and metal, bamboo, sugar cane and the materials used in the combination. Not all outdoor areas will have eternal refuge, so you need to have furniture, tank station rainy or windy weather, when it became. Importantly, is the need not only influenced by the weather, but it requires a good-looking furniture.

Synthetic resin upholstered seat

Striped cushions

One of the most popular choices of outdoor furniture bamboo or rattan furniture. This is the environment for sustainable development. Bamboo, rattan, hardwood trees is not the same – For decades, has developed into a mature adult tree. Their vitality is very fast. In addition, bamboo or sugar cane harvest furniture is not fundamentally cut. Root in two to three years, these growth again harvest.

Seat and the glory of the Ottoman Empire

Outdoor furniture, bamboo and sugar cane are all good choices. Either standing water and weather. They are light, quite durable. They can be easily maintained. Them as well as UV protection, to prevent mildew, frost and rust treatment. They are easy to carry and can be easily moved if necessary. They are full recycling and environmental sustainability.

Semicircle coffee table

Today, synthetic resin products wicker lounger furniture looks very much like the original wicker lounger , bamboo or sugar cane. These synthetic resin, sturdy original bamboo, rattan furniture, wicker chairs. The most popular choice is the aluminum frame, outdoor furniture and synthetic resin fiber seat

Semicircle of chairs

Some wicker Velago to outdoor furniture, a few pieces of furniture. Looked very nice lounge set – no doubt, to see such a beautiful two-seater sofa, or your garden. Those made of aluminum frame and resin wicker hand-woven. Check your outdoor use what is your favorite? …

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