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September 23, 2016

Great day with outdoor furnitures

The the Kyle Hoepner, editor-in-chief, chief
I was amused by the Phillips Collection museum an e-mail one day, that is, However, North Carolina, Jason Phillips, visionary furniture and accessories. This seems to be the seat belt chair with a set of the designer the double-training apartment 8 kit, in a recent blockbuster movie, the hunger games.


Phillips collection of photographs

lest you New England Home is the next curve, check the furniture trends video back in the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair:


2009 New England Indoor furniture trends Video (Click to play)

the Guess about 5 minutes and 50 seconds in, you will see? When it comes to trends, Hollywood did not we have nothing! ? Jared Ainscough, Assistant Artistic Director
Last year I spent a day with Jerry Landry and Arcari Arcari and his staff, the establishment of 540-year-old the following award-winning photo shoot. Jerry showed that a huge carpet stack, I had to choose to shoot the perfect man.

Jerry that I one of the most amazing works, this silk carpet weaving recovery from Indian saris. The picture does not do this rug justice, because of its color and vibrancy is a real amazing. I would like to use it to shoot, but I know, no one can use their eyes.

2012 5 to 40 years of age winners will be announced later this month. The grand celebration on September 13, you can see, this year’s winners, which will be generated by Landry Arcari auction local charities benefit from custom carpet. I do not know if any will be like?

the colorful


sari Landry Arcari carpet

Contributing Editor
My grandmother, Fanny, my daughter the same name that maintain a happy and healthy way to keep busy. To the late 1980s until her eyesight failed her in the hands of mobility become limited by arthritis, buttocks kept busy. She never twisted yarn and crochet baby blankets when her grandson was born, felt ring, each of us have left the college or otherwise to go home.

Once I left school, I participated in a large department store, fashion office and met with a woman’s habits, I follow the example of the style I adore. Dee wearing a different color hollow dress, her mother and matching stockings, no less, every day of the week. I have never seen as unique because

so when Quinn excellent design assistant in our studio, give me Naomi Paul websites, I am engaged, of course, Fanny and Dee as I love Paul’s work.

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