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September 21, 2016

Good quality Teak table and chairs for outdoor use

my God …. photos of the Oregon Coast 5 years old, how do I in my blog? Too strange. Perhaps because last Friday, I started planning I collected under the open skies (or it may be referred to as the “Portland” thing … we still have work to manufacture in Oregon ) everything will be fine, you guessed it, in Oregon, my hometown, just like me

and may ore may not be things of birds, although I certainly will not let me you seen my portfolio, birds have a lot of things.


the do not know if you heard about Portland, but its was a little oh the latest, they use the word, hot isostatic pressing?

sale (already) is the first thing is this is really beautiful hanging plate pigeon toe ceramics, (which is a company, to make these beautiful things, I think everything they sell). here to check sales.

Of course, you can use it for your nice carrot, but you can also use it in your bathroom with beautiful soap and lotions and off with a towel, or do I want to do a couple of air-conditioning plant and hang it in the corner of your bathroom or office – the place needs a little life.

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This is an air plant in their flower market, or can be ordered through your florist or I know in Los Angeles They basically do not require dirt, just sold to West Elm., yes, air, soaked with water in the sink once a week. ultra-low maintenance.

I think this is an amazing gift. too.

also talking about, if you wish, a dark chords. they call it in its fleshy beautiful garden. “The sale is now worth 67 and 100%. Click here to let (This is a wholesale company, so it is not online).

In other news, I re-design and style of shooting yesterday in my family room. Its style of office, even if I have another office. It’s like the passenger office. You know, completely normal. Here is the Instagram the peeping. Will next week to shoot the course of the entire post before and afters, but I like to tease …

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what we before Instagram again? (And you hear Facebook’s bought a $ 100,000,000 Instagram …. crazy)

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stay next Tuesday adjust

next week real lens. These are just a snorkel and instagramers …

, but the walls have gone through a deep, beautiful blue …

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