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August 28, 2016

Garden design and garden furniture from china- make the hotel garden more stylish

A focus is an important design element, it is a natural place to rest the eyes. In a well-designed garden is always a planned focal point, such as a large set of restaurants, perhaps a well-selected umbrella. However, the focus of a patio, it could be another interesting object or landscape feature.

Landscape features, as the focus of a patio is an interesting example of the way to lead beyond the area of ​​garden, flower garden, a mature tree, or a dramatic point of view behind the lawn.

However, the outdoor furniture is often used as a focal point. Outdoor table and chairs, often a natural, because it’s the size of the focus. If you want to have a large outdoor dining set, there are a few things to remember.

Conscious style tables and chairs, if you have other patio furniture, try to keep the same style. If you have a very rustic garden, then contemporary tables and chairs may not be successful together. It is always a good idea, only a decorative style.

Choose furniture cushions in colors and health. Location where they will use visual furniture. The color should be similar or the surrounding area free of charge.

Umbrella is a good supplement, if it is appropriate. Umbrella in the areas already covered, it may seem strange. However, umbrellas, usually still work in the short-listed areas exposed to direct sunlight. If you buy from, respectively, the umbrella tables and chairs, very sure of colors and patterns with each other and the surrounding environment.

One pair of chaise lounges with an umbrella, it can be an interesting focus. Umbrella will have its own position. Of course, the cushions on the chaise lounge and umbrella material match, or each other for free.

A statue, fountain or other decorative items can be used as a focal point. However, several things should be kept in mind. If you are using a statue, the statue and its size with their surrounding environment, house style, and patio decorations. Jupiter’s large statue of a god, could not see the courtyard, for example, the West decorated. But the statue of Venus in a traditional English garden setting, a welcome addition. A beautiful statue will bring a quiet air.

Size is important, because you do not want to overwhelm a large statue, the surrounding landscape features. One of the most enjoyable set within a garden the size of a good placing of the statue placed wall, such as a red brick wall, especially in plants, including climbing plants. Do not place the statue in isolation, but in a region, it can become part of its surroundings.

But may set the focus in the courtyard or garden a few examples. There are many other possibilities. Important, including contact points in the yard or garden environment, the natural integration and harmony with the surrounding environment.

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