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June 11, 2016

Furnitures maintenance in Summer

Today most brands of wood furniture in the process, the moisture content will be handled first. Professionals said that many of the force part of the furniture in solid wood, the other part with high density, but also to prevent the season. Section of the thermal expansion and contraction. Even if the relative increase in the summer humidity, wood can expand only slightly, and these changes will not affect the natural durability of high-quality furniture. However, if you choose a traditional Chinese rosewood furniture, such as furniture and more with a lot of carving, and more moisture without treatment, so the first year of use need to rework sanding.

Summer maintenance:

In order to extend the life of furniture in the summer, to prevent the temperature, humidity and strong light over such changes. Experts recommend that consumers will be furniture away from heat or air conditioning vents, in order to avoid large temperature difference to furniture damage or premature aging. Also, the placement of furniture can be adjusted to avoid direct sunlight, if necessary, with curtains block. Solid wood drawers, sliding doors may be difficult due to excessive expansion of the opening and closing, in drawers, sliding doors on the edges and bottom of the slide coated in wax or paraffin. Waterproof fabric sofa fabric is easy to take care of pollution

In order to facilitate the consumers to learn nursing, many sofa brand will provide consumers with “sofa use and maintenance manual”, to list the various types of cleaning methods, and for different stains, made a targeted solution.

Color heatstroke:

The body will produce different colors not the same as the response, experts recommend choosing the fabric for summer color. Bright yellow, soft, you can adjust the mood, but in summer the best selection of lighter yellow color; green is tension can eliminate fatigue and stress after work, so emotional relaxation, and white, yellow, blue and other colors are matched; Blue color generally give people fresh, succinct feeling, and help sleep, and white with the best.

For the sofa, you can choose many different types, prices vary greatly. For example, some water stain cloth, pour juice in the above are difficult to penetrate, just wipe gently with water and placed in # p # # e # subtitle natural ventilation air-dry, avoid damp mildew on it. Most fabric is not waterproof you can take apart and wash. In addition, in the summer, due to sun exposure, large temperature changes, smoke and pet damage will cause the original dry and comfortable sofa increasingly tight, faded, it is best always to use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove dust on the sofa, in order to prevent dust or dirt left on the fiber in a long time.

Ground with leather furniture, leather rag

As the style luxury leather sofa, into the thousands of families, but also in the daily care needs more care and patience. Experts said that because the body sweat more in summer, light and strong sunlight into the room, it should be noted that the maintenance of leather sofas. If prolonged use, improper maintenance will fade, old and dull, leaving the leather sofa lack of ductility deformation.


Summer sweat more, the leather will absorb the sweat pore, sweat in hot and humid organic matter will react chemically with the leather, easy to produce odor, so the wave should wash with clean dry cloth, cleaning products use special cleaning and care products, in order to avoid chapped. Also, do not place in direct sunlight to be placed in air-conditioned room to keep dry, avoid rainy summer, the ground wet so that the bottom of the sofa mold.

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