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May 1, 2016

Furniture market agent in China foshan shunde

       Foshan is very famous for furniture and building material. In Foshan city there are big markets for all knids of furniture and buliding material, ranging from living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, hotel furniture, tiles, marble, sanitaryware, etc.

      You can take plane to Guangzhou airport, and then take bus or taxi to Foshan city, it is quite near Guangzhou. Or from Hongkong airport, there is also direct bus to Foshan. 
       The markets accept wholesale or retail sale,no matter you are doing business or buy these products for your own use, Foshan city is the best choice.
        We are Foshan local people,Furniture market agent here, we are familiar with Foshan city, and we are experienced and professional in sourcing all these kinds of products, and we can handle all the process of shipment.
        China foshan shunde  is the world’s largest international furniture, furniture sales center, stretches more than a decade, the mall area of ​​300 square meters of lecong the furniture market to accommodate more than 3,450 dealers at home and abroad, employing more than 5 million people, show All kinds of furniture more than 20,000 kinds, and out of lecong every day from the delivery vehicle of more than 20,000 furniture sets times a day to visit, shopping, customers more than 3 million people, sales of furniture market the highest in the nation. Lecong Internatonal Furniture City, Lecong Internatonal Furniture Exhibition Center, North Sunlink Furniture City, as high as the furniture city furniture store and other famous Lecong furniture market constitutes a huge building complex, has become the new world of tourism shopping is Shunde     There are many manufacturers and big markets for all kinds of furniture, building material, lighting, home decoration, home ware,kitchen ware, etc, in Foshan city. You can buy all kinds of products from Foshan for your house or office.

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