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April 11, 2017

Do you like the beach? You’re going to the beach? I suggest you buy a good beach sofa, painting the perfect symbol for your trip to the beach


Our favorite beach barmornings of, we woke up to sunny skies, and it is very warm., From early on, and then, after lunch, the Thunder will start and then Rain fell down. It all came with such force, we can not hear each other speak of the apartment, as the roof is also made of tin – the might be a good things ……… This is lovely, in the hammock outside, but cover to people laze, and watch and listen to the rain belongs to the range of flowers and plants,,,,, and it really cleared the air. , We cooled down in a small swimming pool (open all year round) (just outside of the apartment), especially after we have been out for a walk or shopping. In the whole on, we had the Lodge is primarily for our own sake, though, we are adding a strange for a day or two days a few fellow guests. The only other longer-term guest virtual machine is a young guy called Archie’s from Serbia, who is in Costa Rica to learn to speak Spanish, and also, SURF (Spanish seems to be an easy day, but he encountered a problem with surfing, he had a job, temporarily on the Internet long process to fund his the the trip, and he was very pleasant to talk about, and interested
What we had been doing a did a full day of Quantico the adventure Lodgein.

We decided to stay for another week, Tico Adventure Lodge, AT and Janice and she’s husband Chris • allow us to maintain the large scale of the apartment is a small part of the cost of this is kind of. We spent our days walking, swimming, shopping and reading, rather than choose what to do other things, but we always seem to fill the day, please – Golly How to no time to ever find a job, and running a house of .. beach sofa…….

Cost of Costa Rica ‘Janice lent us an excellent field guide, which help Product Name products, some of the animals and birds of the area we are seeing around -‘ Wildlife Conservation . These measures include, white – throat Magpie Blue Jays which is one of the largest of the songbirds of Guanacaste’s about 18 inches, the blue body, white breast in on the exceptionally long tail and tall of it head bent forward only headdress feathers in the book, it is clear to recognize. We also saw on the beach and inland included; Grackles, Black Vultures, frigate birds, bar striping – the head of the household’s sparrow, black mangrove Hawks cinnamon “hummingbird” many birds. On the beach, we saw all darting into their holes, the size of the crabs as soon as we walked, she as well as a Whimbrels
Great Kiskadeeand Willets. Inland, we saw many color combinations Variegated in dotted village dotted with trees, along with a large lizard – and not be sure they were although things, a large number of small squirrels living inside. We have not found any monkeys, but they are seen in the trees near our Lodge is, but we always seems to miss them,.

Most every morning, we woke up to sunny skies, and the rain usually stay in after the start of the lunch. , You will have heard of the said ‘raining cats and dogs’, and here it rain ‘elephant and giraffe’. The tin roof of the apartment on the noise was deafening, and you may not listen to own voice to speak when rainfall started. . High temperatures above the apartment were the scale of the trees used to drop on to the tin roof and the hard nuts – it is like a bomb go off, and we jumped out of each time, even though in, we should have been for them . beach sofa…… We also experienced a few more of the earth tremors, but no nothing more than moving on the sofa, chair or you are sitting at the beginning, in order to shake, so all is well.

We go every beach along the day, and continue to see many more in the fact that birds of
The local Churchwe seen in at least one kind of different birds, we walked out of each of the time. One on the sidewalk, the beach we follow along, where the river flows into the sea when, and then took a track inland along the river edge, do not have to wade into the sometime rivers, and to get around mangroves. Have come back, but a crocodile in here a couple of years to talk, we have seen locals walk up here to fish, in order to assume that it is OK (OK)! ! ! “In a sharp bend in the river, the, we also have had to cross over, and continues along the other bank of the side, in order to get any further up the river, us. Keens (wet shoes) came in use here, but we have just experienced, so be careful, and we did not get washed down stream – but it is usually quite easy to cross, on the low tide. many birds walking in here, including the lovely Orange – fronted parakeet, Tropical Kingbird, Great Kiskadee, striped – the back of the Oriole Social Flycatcher, Yellow – head of household rattling rattling, Green Heron and bare – throat – Tiger Heron, Hoffman and delineated see woodpeckers, the latter has a vivid red head, like when it was found wearing a cycle helmet.

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