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February 15, 2017

Do not watch less garden furniture, major uses it every minute!


Added to the homeowner’s garden, garden furniture may be the last element, it is often noted that the first thing. Today, all types of materials of furniture, can be classical or modern. Garden furniture, including tables and chairs, is good to relax the body and mind of the outdoor dining chairs and benches, poolside loungers.


Very charming garden furniture can be made of metal. Although metal may hit some people uncomfortable, metal furniture can be very comfortable, it’s well-designed. Metal furniture is no longer overly ornate wrought iron, but you can have clean lines and give guests the feeling of brightness. The advantages of metal furniture is its durability, and can leave the door all year. Under normal circumstances, the metal furniture coating save frequently the owner of the painting task. The metal garden in the city look particularly good.

Obviously, stone furniture, do not give the feeling of lightness, may not sit in the most comfortable furniture, but it is persistent and traditional feel. This can be seen, herbaceous border, is located in the carved granite. In this case, the bench almost sculptural element in the garden. As the stone is so large, and difficult to move, the gardener must be carefully considered, they hope. The striking background sowing smooth, stone furniture, because it softens it a bit.

Plastic furniture to light and weather resistant. Because it can be molded into various shapes, it is also common. Mat, certain types of plastic furniture can be comfortable, but a lot of people with a removable cushions, can now be found in a variety of colors. Many of these mats to resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which means that its bright colors, easy to fade. Bold, bright colors ideal for a sunny summer garden terrace.

Wood is a living thing, and is particularly suitable for many garden. Unpainted wood to show off its texture and grain, and can be integrated into the beautiful planting, but the hand-painted wooden furniture, has a very different character. Paint wooden furniture belonging to the house than the garden. Wooden furniture storage can be folded or removed during the winter months is ideal.

Good garden grove cedar, mahogany and teak. These wood often need a silver patina Many gardeners treasure, but they also can be stained and sealed to resist the sun’s rays as well as moisture and frost. When given proper care, wooden furniture, can be indefinitely sustained.

Sometimes furniture is built in as a permanent landscaping. Precast concrete units can be arranged, and then piled cushions provide seating. Other comprehensive furniture wooden deck bench, or proposed by the pool side. Should ensure that this furniture is pretty low-key, good fusion gardener.

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